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We lend the strength of our national freight network to Australia’s electronic waste recycling service, collecting unwanted appliances and computers from across the country so that they can be used to make new products and avoid landfill.

The Challenge

Of the 60 million tonnes of waste generated in Australia every year, 43 per cent is recyclable – that’s 26 million tonnes of material that can be reused to make new products rather than dumped into landfill sites.

Effective recycling not only allows us to reduce the amount of waste we produce, it also prevents certain materials from leaching toxic chemicals into the earth. If not disposed of correctly, electronic waste – computers, televisions, technology accessories –end up in landfill where they may release toxins and carcinogens that can damage the environment.

TechCollect – a not-for-profit industry backed recycling service for ‘e-waste’ – is the only not-for-profit organisation approved under the Australian Federal Government’s National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) dedicated to recycling electronic materials. The TechCollect program is 100% funded by leading global technology companies who care about corporate social responsibility and product stewardship.

There are TechCollect collection points in every Australian state; a mix of permanent, retail and pop-up event sites in metropolitan and major regional centres, rural and remote areas to allow broad access to the service. 

To ensure the e-waste left at these sites is collected and transported to recycling plants for processing, TechCollect needs a logistics partner that can provide freight transport services across its national network.

The Solution

Utilising the strength of our Australian freight network and our diverse fleet, Toll provides TechCollect with integrated freight support to facilitate its operations across the country.

There are more than 100 TechCollect drop off points Australia-wide that vary in size and scale; some are located at larger resource recovery centres, while some are small business sites that function as e-waste collection points for the local community.

We provide collection units of various sizes at the drop off points depending on the particular site’s needs – from smaller skip bins and stillages to shipping containers – which are rotated to different sites to meet changing demand as necessary.

A dedicated Toll fleet of hook lift trucks, side loaders and tilt trays regularly visit each drop off point to collect the containers of e-waste. We also provide forklifts to lift collection units on to and off the trucks.

Scheduled trips are made to TechCollect’s temporary pop-up sites in remote areas such as Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, remote communities around Alice Springs and East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory as required.

The collected e-waste is then delivered to specialised e-waste recycling facilities in each state, where it is separated by commodity type so it can be processed into raw commodities and used in the manufacture of new products.

The Results

Toll has been providing logistics support to TechCollect since October 2013, and in that time we have transported more than 2.6 million kilograms of e-waste from sites throughout Australia to recycling centres.

Recycling is a growth market for Toll; with government recycling targets driving growth in the industry, we look forward to continuing to support organisations like TechCollect to maximise recycling efforts in Australia and overseas in areas such as:

  • Landfill consolidation programs – transportation of waste from small landfills to larger, more efficient sites
  • Transportation of bulk compost from advanced waste treatment (AWT) plants to regional areas
  • Transportation of tyre stockpiles to reprocessing plants

Environmental sustainability is a core responsibility at Toll; a concern that extends past our own operations to support organisations like TechCollect to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Customer testimonial

“Our relationship with Toll has been integral to the continued success of TechCollect. Toll has gone above and beyond to provide us with a world class service – their staff even make themselves available out of hours and during public holidays. They are fantastic to work with and have been great in sharing their resources, skills and knowledge.”

Janene Murdoch, Program Manager - TechCollect

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