Find out more about how Toll Remote Logistics provides air freight support to Australian Defence Force operations in the Middle East

When the Australian Defence Force needed ongoing air charter services to support the transport of military personnel and equipment to the Middle East, Toll was able to help.

The Challenge

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) needed ongoing logistics support to fly personnel and military equipment between Australia and the Middle East to support its operations there.

Each movement required the transport of up to 200 military personnel and 43 tonnes of military equipment, with the final destination being Al Minhad Air Base in Dubai. This base has been the main transport and logistics hub for the ADF’s Middle East operations since 2008.

Flexibility, reliability and sensitivity were among the Government’s key requirements for this contract.

The Solution

The Government awarded this important contract to Toll. Toll has supported the Australian Defence Force for many years, providing a broad range of highly specialised logistics support services including marine logistics support, air logistics support, camp and base services and contingency and emergency response support.

Toll’s solution for this particular contract involved chartering a range of commercial passenger aircraft in response to the ADF’s specific needs at any given time. The services we provided included ground handling, load control and flight operations, passenger services, ramp services, freight forwarding, cargo handling and inflight catering.

The Result

The first flight under this contract took place in November 2014, followed by flights on a fortnightly basis.

The Australian Defence Force has said it looks forward to working with Toll again as the service provided by Toll has been of the highest standard.

About our Air Charter Services

Toll’s air charter services include:

  • regular fly-in, fly-out (FIFO)  services for personnel rotation
  • movement of domestic and international relief workers
  • freight charter solutions to support a broad range of needs including time-critical, perishable, hazardous and out-of-gauge cargo and deliveries to remote locations
  • movement of  high-profile artists and staging equipment for the entertainment industry
  • aero-medical evacuations
  • search and rescue operations
  • ad-hoc charter services
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