Toll ship - Dragonfly

When the need arose to transport vast amounts of bulk freight coal from shallow river jetties to deep water ports in Indonesia, we delivered a fleet of specialised vessels.

Since 2000, Toll has been servicing the coal mining concession in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. We provide freight transport services to deliver mine site consumables using landing craft and shallow draft vessels to transport coal out of the coal mines.

The Challenge

To enable us to enhance our service offering, we decided to expand our marine logistics services capacity to deliver coal from the shallow river jetty ports to the North Pulau Laut terminal deep water port where coal is loaded into ocean vessels for export.

The Solution

Drawing on our marine engineering expertise, we helped develop a fleet of five specialised vessels with high-discharge capabilities including:

  • four tugs and self-discharging barges
  • a self-propelled, self-discharging barge

Each self-discharging barge:

  • can carry approximately 8000 tonnes every trip
  • can discharge 2500 tonnes per hour
  • has a six-hour port turnaround

The Results

These specialised vessels has enabled us to transport a total of 5 million tonnes of coal per annum for our customer.

Marine logistics services offered by Toll include:

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