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When paper producer Norske Skog and its Australian logistics contractor Smart Logistics were looking to reduce shipping costs, they spoke to us.

The Challenge

Paper producer Norske Skog and its Australian logistics contractor Smart Logistics were looking for ways to reduce the costs associated with shipping newsprint from the Norske Skog paper mill in Boyer Tasmania.

Smart Logistics was using 20ft Unitised Paper Modules (UPMs) to ship reels of newsprint to Sydney and Adelaide via rail. The cost of maintenance, shrink wrapping and load restraint on the UPMs was significant, as was the requirement to nest the UPMs and return them to the mills for reuse. Damage to the cargo as a result of being exposed to handling was an additional issue.

The Solution

In conjunction with our partner ANL, we recommended disbanding the UPM model and moving to a 40ft container option utilising one-way ISO shipping containers to Sydney and Adelaide. We also proposed managing Norske Skog’s coastal and international movements under one central point.

The Results

The implementation of our solution led to a reduction in maintenance and shrink wrapping costs for Norske Skog.  

Loading the paper rolls into fully enclosed 40ft containers to Adelaide and Sydney reduced the costs associated with damage to the cargo. The cost of having to nest UPMs and send them back to the mills for reuse was eliminated, while Norske Skog’s administration costs were reduced by centralising the total logistics function for domestic, coastal and international shipping.

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