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In remote locations like Australia's Barrow Island a sensitive island nature reserve – our customers know they can rely on us to provide construction freight and logistics support services.

Chevron’s Gorgon Project is one of the world's largest natural gas projects and the largest single resource natural gas project in Australia's history. It is situated on Barrow Island, a remote island 85km off the coast of Western Australia.

Toll is highly experienced in providing specialised logistics support to the oil and gas sector. We’ve been responsible for the management of the on-island supply base as well as a wide array of supply chain activities and logistics services since 2009.

The Challenge

Providing freight and logistics support services to Barrow Island throws up some unique challenges. The island is an A Class nature reserve - one of the consequences of this is that everything needed to support the Gorgon Project has to be brought on to the island and has to pass through a rigorous quarantine process.

With the range of freight needed - everything from toilet rolls to large gas pipes and the tonnes of cement required at the peak of construction - keeping the project supplied requires precision supply chain management.

And due to the island’s status, there is limited space to operate, making sequencing of freight shipments of paramount importance to maximise the logistics capabilities.

The Solution

With a support team based in Perth, Western Australia, Toll has built a supply base to manage all freight movements of the daily arrivals of barge and landing craft tanks, as well as the air freight that arrives on the island.

Once the freight arrives, Toll is responsible for the receipt, accounting, storage, preservation and distribution of all the material - all without the use of warehouses and prepared yards.

In addition to these supply chain activities, our team also provides bulk fuel and waste management, cleaning services, maintenance and crane support.

The Result

All freight required to build the plant and support the ever expanding workforce is handled by the Toll supply base. The supply base continues to grow, keeping pace with the construction and associated activities.

Staff at Gorgon lives in one of four camps, with the Construction Village being the flagship camp housing 3000 construction personnel. 

Toll staff has grown from one person up to 450 based on the island, and our success to date is as a result of our professional and dedicated staff both on and off the island.  

Toll’s logistics services include:

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