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When a Sea King helicopter crashed on an Indonesian island, Toll provided remote logistics support to the Royal Australian Navy.

The Challenge

In April 2005, a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Sea King helicopter from the HMAS Kanimbla crashed on the Indonesian island of Nias. Under intense media scrutiny, the RAN needed to recover the wreckage and remediate the crash site quickly and sensitively. The RAN turned to Toll to provide remote logistics support services and movement control in the remediation of the crash site.

The Solution

At short notice, Toll deployed experienced personnel and sourced helicopters to transport RAN personnel and provisions. The scope of our services included managing the logistics of procurement, local labour, food and provisions as well as providing full movement support.

Toll conducted full remediation of the site starting with initial radiation hazard testing and a baseline environmental survey. This was followed by stabilisation of the impacted burn-site, excavation of the burn layer and the appropriate disposal of contaminated soil.

The Result

The site remediation was carried out successfully within a short time frame, with the thoroughness and sensitivity required of the task, and within the framework of an agreed Environmental Control and Occupational Health and Safety Plan.

Services that Toll provides to Defence customers include:

  • Remote Logistics services - we deliver integrated logistics solutions in some of the most isolated and challenging locations in the world.
  • Movement Control - we manage the movement of peacekeeping personnel and equipment between locations worldwide.
  • Helicopter Services- our services range from general passenger charters to specialised missions, aeromedical evacuations, night vision operations, search and rescue and airlift of equipment.
  • Rapid Response Logistics - we help establish emergency supply chains and manage the movement of aid and essential supplies in disaster and emergency situations. We also provide emergency and aeromedical evacuation (AME) services.
  • Camp & Base Support Services - we provide complete garrison support solutions for bases in remote and regional locations.
  • Vessel Husbandry - from small vessels to aircraft carriers, we can support any defence vessel in any port in the world.
  • Airport Services - we’re able to provide stand-alone ground handling, cargo handling and passenger services in locations that lack facilities or infrastructure.
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