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When customer Wrigley Pacific was looking for ways to further optimise its supply chain, Toll was able to help it hit the sweet spot.

The Challenge

Wrigley Pacific produces and markets some of the world’s best-loved gum and confection brands including Extra®, Juicy Fruit®, Eclipse®, Starburst® and Skittles®. Part of Mars, Wrigley has been a key Toll customer since 2002.

We provide Wrigley with a comprehensive range of supply chain logistics services including:

Like many of Toll’s FMGC customers, Wrigley has complex logistics requirements and was keen to explore more efficient solutions for its existing transport model.  And as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and customer service, Toll is always looking for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs for customers.

The Solution

Toll’s account management team for Wrigley’s drew on the expertise of the Group’s My Transport Service team to assess the opportunities to improve transport efficiencies and service outcomes for their customer.

My Transport Service is a solution offered by Toll to our customers in Australia to simplify complex transport models and supply chains. Toll’s MTS team undertakes an in-depth interrogation of the customer’s needs, using our sophisticated MTS tool to analyse the exact requirements and provide an optimised transport model.

MTS does everything from automatically selecting the best – and most cost-effective – carrier for each delivery, to optimising load planning, tailoring reporting and consolidating invoicing across all carriers into a single invoice. As a result of automated optimal service provider choice and load optimisation, transport costs can be significantly reduced.

When the Toll account managers for Wrigley approached the MTS team for an analysis of their customer’s supply chain, the MTS system had just been further upgraded to improve scalability and visibility for the customer. Wrigley was one of the first customers to benefit from Toll’s upgraded system.

Wrigley’s  MTS solution included:

  • automatic carrier and equipment allocation
  • the application of  just-in-time order delivery principles rather than the previous ad-hoc model
  • true load building, optimisation and vehicle utilisation, which allowed orders to be consolidated and built into Full Truck Loads (FTL) wherever possible
  •  integration of the MTS solution with Wrigley’s ERP
  • capture of customer data – SKU data / product constraints, locations, specific constraints related to receivers – that can used to identify continual improvement opportunities
  • Chain of Responsibility (COR) adherence across the chain

The Results

After going live with its MTS solution, Wrigley saw a reduction in its freight costs of approximately 15 per cent.

And the capability of the MTS system to capture and report on expansive amounts of data is providing ongoing opportunities to focus on continuous improvement for Wrigley’s transport model through analysis and remodelling of its freight movements.

Customer Testimonial

“At Wrigley, we are always committed to delivering a superior customer service experience. Our challenge has always been around efficiently moving LTL shipments in a timely manner that meets our customer lead times. By partnering with Toll MTS, I'm delighted to say that we’ve been able to effectively drive efficiency in the supply chain by optimising load building and utilising vehicle utilisation. This has enabled us to realise a drop in overall freight costs whilst also decreasing our impact on the environment by decreasing our CO2 impact.

"The MTS team has effectively become an extension of our brand and continue to look for ways to assist us deliver to all customers with excellence. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the benefits of working and partnering with Toll MTS.”

Ian Grant Smith,  Customer Service & Logistics Manager
The Wrigley Company

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