On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian War Memorial and the Department of Defence, Toll has embarked on the momentous task of transporting Australia’s flagship community event of the Anzac Centenary – The Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience - as it makes its way across the country.

As the official logistics sponsor, Toll will be responsible for the transporting, the bump in and bump out of this immersive exhibition as it tours 23 locations around Australia until April 2017.

The Experience consists of 200 artefacts, still and visual imagery and interactive technology all of which will be moved by a fleet of 10 B-doubles over the next 20 months of its journey from Cairns to Kalgoorlie, Bunbury to Ballarat.

Speaking at the first bump out following the opening event at Albury-Wodonga, Aaron Shelley, Toll Global Logistics – Contract Logistics’ Development and Strategy manager described the task ahead:

“The exhibition consists of four parts: the flooring, the walling, the scenic and the artefacts. The flooring is the first thing to go in with the artefacts, everything from uniforms to a two-tonne cannon, making up the final part of the installation.

“Then when it comes to the bump out everything has to be carefully taken out in reverse order and moved to the next venue”

Which leaves the conundrum of how to get the flooring to the following venue in time for the next opening?

“The flooring is hot shot to the next destination where the build can start over,” Shelley said

“It is a challenge, but we’ve done a lot of detailed planning with our risk teams and collaboration with the Australian War Memorial and with each move we will continually improve and refine the process.”


First Look: the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience


Planning for the project has also included rewriting the businesses manuals on freight handling to encompass the handling of the Experience artefacts, the up-skilling of our forklift drivers with project-specific training and development of specialised trucks to carry the precious cargo.

National Fleet and Procurement Manager for Contract Logistics, Nathan Perrott said: “The trucks are a very specialised build for the customer in order to maintain the temperature and humidity required for the War Memorial artefacts.

“This has entailed modifying temperature controlled trailers with humidity and dehumidifying systems to maintain the humidity within the required 45 to 55 relative humidity range.

“We have also installed a telematics system designed to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity so we can track the movement of the artefacts in real time and engage with the driver to carry out a roadside diagnostic should the need arise.”

And as well as the temperature of the artefacts, security is paramount. While all the weaponry in the exhibition has been made safe and rendered useless, the age and relevance of the artefacts to our history means that throughout the entirety of the move, as well as the during the staging at each venue, security teams have been coordinated to follow the exhibition as part of our project commitment.

We are proud to be the official logistics partner for the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience. Everyone involved was given very little lead time to turn this project around and it is testament to the experience  and dedication of our people, and the capability of the broader Toll network, that has enabled us to respond as quickly as we have. We are already receiving great feedback from the customer and will continue to rise to the challenge that every next move presents.”


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