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Our diverse fleet provides our clients with the benefits of intermodal logistics; when transporting cargo by air and sea, we can accommodate heavy shipments while saving time and minimising environmental impact.

The Challenge

Our client Yüksel İnşaat – a Turkish construction company – required a series of generator sets and spare parts to be transported from Turkey to Bagram, Afghanistan.

Prior to arriving in Turkey, the generators had been secured in shipper-owned containers using steel rods. The rods were welded to the walls of the open-topped containers to keep the contents secure.

Weighing in at 39 tonnes, the generators were classified as heavy freight; making the journey by air alone would be expensive.

In order to deliver the cargo on time and keep costs down, this shipment required a specialised multimodal logistics solution.

The Solution

The Toll team in Turkey received the containers with the generators secured inside, and transported them via ship to Dubai’s economic zone, Dubai World Central (DWC).

As Dubai is the Middle Eastern hub for Toll’s global network, the local team were able to use their extensive experience providing logistics services in the region to arrange the next leg of the journey.

In order for the generators to be transported to Bagram, they needed to be removed from the containers – a task complicated by the secure shipping method. Cutting the steel rods away was the only way to free the cargo. 

The Toll team in Dubai spent two full days and nights in DWC cutting through the steel rods before offloading the generators to complete the export process.

Free from the containers, the generators were loaded on to freighter aircrafts and flown to Afghanistan where they were received by the client.

The Result

Our flexible intermodal logistics solutions and ability to accommodate heavy cargo enabled us to successfully transport the generators from one side of the Middle East to the other in just 18 days – an impressive timeframe for such an operation.

Toll’s strong presence in the Middle East has led us to become a preferred provider of specialised freight in the region.

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