Transporting over-sized freight is no small feat - even when you are travelling a short distance. When a customer required the relocation of two 62-tonne belly dump trailers arriving from overseas, Toll took care of every detail from start to finish.

The Challenge

A Customer request came in for two of their oversize belly dump trailers to be moved from the Wharf to the Toll laydown yard in Cairns, Queensland. A 10 minute drive separated the two locations so the job sounds simple right? 

The challenge ahead was that the two trailers (weighing in at 62 tonnes each) occupy more than a standard lanes width (dimensions:  18.6m (L) x 6.5m (W) x 4.7m (H)), this ‘simple’ task no longer seemed so simple.

Rail-lines, width, road conditions/constraint and electrical lines all need to be considered when transporting over-sized loads. Toll had to obtain various permits and clearance prior to transportation, including Port and Quarantine. All permits had to be signed off prior to freight arrival, however, to add to the constraints, the trailers arrived a week ahead of schedule. 

The Solution

In order to successfully complete the operation, Toll carried out the following steps:

  • Review of road ways to ensure that there's enough road space for transportation. As part of mitigation planning, Toll worked with neighbouring businesses to manage the possible need to re-position the fence line for when/if there were any changes to weather conditions or status.
  • Review of ground conditions as well as re-grading of the ground to ensure it was able to withstand the weight of the trailers. This was done in collaboration with the Port owners to ensure a seamless operation at the points of discharge. Based plates were also sourced to mitigate, if required, the ground to weight ratio of the asset.
  • Obtainment of permits in order to transport the over-sized trailers by road. There were a number of permits that were needed which include but not limited to: Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Mass and Dimension permits, Queensland Rail (QR) permits and a High Load Transport permit. Pilot and Police escorts were also required for the task. Toll’s Global Forwarding division were on hand throughout the process to ensure that the overseas-bound freight could be received efficiently.

The Results

Through detailed planning and communication between the customer and Toll’s Energy and Marine, Global Forwarding, Intermodal and Specialised Services teams, this ‘simple’ task was able to be executed and done right the first time, safely and effectively - within the timeline and expectations of the clients.

Toll Testimonial

“A team approach to success is the most effective and efficient method of achieving outcomes; success comes from planning, communication and collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders. Having a plan and working the plan. Toll’s unique experience and extensive marine and logistics platform, intermodal and specialised services, as well as the global forwarding network, was integrated into the plan to deliver the task successfully; done right, the first time, safely.”           

-    Amron Osman, Senior Manager - Amrun Project, Global Logistics- Energy

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