Developed by Toll, our mobile camp solutions are portable temporary camps with plug-and-play technology to enable rapid deployment.

To enable our customer to complete a civil upgrade project for the Australian Defence Force, we provided a self-sustainable ‘home away from home’ mobile camp solution.

The Challenge

The Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area is a 4,500 square kilometre region located on the north Queensland coast used by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for marine and landside defence training exercises.

In early 2016, the ADF commissioned a civil upgrade project at the Shoalwater Bay Defence Force Base, engaging commercial construction company BMD Constructions to complete the work.

With no other infrastructure present in the training area, a portable accommodation solution needed to be set up for the BMD team for the duration of the project.

The accommodation solution needed to be self-sustainable and robust enough to accommodate 50 personnel for three months in a range of weather conditions. BMD also required a range of camp services including catering, cleaning and camp maintenance.

The Solution

We arranged to have a mobile camp – a rapid deployment camp solution developed by Toll – established at Shoalwater Bay to provide BMD employees with accommodation and catering for for three months.

The mobile camp was transported from Central Queensland by road using six prime movers, and built on site in 48 hours by a team of just four people – the portable camp solution doesn’t require any site levelling or earthworks, and features plug-and-play technology to enable rapid deployment.

The self-sustainable 50-person camp solution featured:

  • 12 accommodation trailers (four bedrooms and two bathrooms per trailer)
  • a commercial kitchen and dining room trailers
  • a recreation trailer
  • a gym trailer
  • a utility trailer featuring a commercial laundry, IT/server room and staff quarters
  • two generator trailers (three silenced automated generators per trailer)
  • a sewerage treatment plant

The camp was staffed by two Toll staff members, who were on call to provide residential support, camp cleaning and infrastructure maintenance support 24/7. Two experienced Toll chefs were also based on site to provide HACCP-certified catering services.

Halfway through the project, the camp’s robust design was put to the test – a large weather system hit the Rockhampton region, bringing torrential rain and severe flooding to the local area. Even with roads to the camp temporarily cut off, the Toll team continued to manage the self-sufficient site without incident.

The Results

Between May and August 2016, Toll provided the BMD Constructions project team with a ‘home away from home’ that included accommodation, recreation and dining facilities, and a range of functional amenities.

During that time, we cooked and served more than 18,000 meals, provided more than 6,150 room cleaning services, and kept operations running continuously during challenging weather conditions.

Upon completing the civil works project for the Australian Defence Force in August 2016, BMD Constructions praised Toll for its ability to meet the challenges of setting up and managing a remote camp site for a large group of people over a long period of time.

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