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When Nestlé’s Ice Cream Division decided to develop an in-house team of drivers for its route trade, we were able to draw on our logistics recruitment experience to help.

The Challenge

In 2010 Nestlé Australia’s Ice Cream Division was looking to develop an in-house team of professional drivers as a test model for its route business. Nestlé chose Toll to undertake this sensitive project due to our comprehensive understanding of the logistics market, and the methodology we employ to source and evaluate potential candidates.

This project, which was seen by Nestlé's senior management as a critical step in recovering route trade market share, had a challenging start-to-completion time frame of three months.

The Solution

The project required the selection of exceptional people with the capacity to drive, sell and merchandise Nestlé products using new purpose-built vehicles brought in from Europe. We undertook an intensive recruitment process to source staff for both Victoria and New South Wales. After significant interviewing and inductions, 26 staff were chosen as successful candidates. Together with Nestlé we implemented training programs.

The Results

The staff recruited by Toll have proven to be extremely successful in undertaking all aspects of the assignment. Nestlé was particularly happy with our thorough recruitment methodology and the time we invested in understanding their business and appreciating their issues. 

Toll’s labour and recruitment services include:

Nestlé Australia Ltd announced the sale of its Peters Ice Cream business to Pacific Equity Partners in June 2012.

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