Toll Group and Deloitte Greenhouse collaborate

Disruptive thinking in the way the logistics industry leverages the growth potential in the ASEAN region was the topic that Toll, as a leading logistics provider in the region, was recently invited to provide an insight on as part of Deloitte’s Greenhouse innovation lab program.

Divisional Director of Toll Group’s global logistics division, Chris Pearce, was asked to speak at the Greenhouse roundtable to bring Toll’s perspective on how to improve logistics productivity in the ASEAN region – a region set to become one of the largest economic blocs in the world.

Chris and Vincent Phang, CEO of ST Logistics a subsidiary of Toll, joined with a panel of industry specialists from Deloitte and Mr Hiroshi Shiraishi, Head of Global Logistics Strategy, Japan Post Co, Ltd. at the event.

Topics up for discussion included capitalising on customs and trade opportunities in the region, using Singapore as an ASEAN logistics hub, and improving logistics productivity in a market with infrastructure and labour challenges.

Alongside Mr Hiroshi Shiraishi, Chris spoke on leveraging the services and products offered by leading logistics service providers and how to improve returns on investment.

Mr Phang, CEO of ST Logistics, a subsidiary of Toll, highlighted that the Singapore government is a strong supporter of innovation in order to position the logistics industry ahead of other regional countries.

“This bodes well for us to benefit from the AEC and TPP arrangements as the country continues to have strong connectivity and relevance for supply chains, and will also ensure that talent continues to be attracted to Singapore,” said Mr Phang.

“The Singapore government’s focus on strategic industry verticals like life sciences will also attract continued investment into the biopharm sector, which is an area of interest for us. ST Logistics, being the largest domestic logistics player, will seek to partner the Singapore government in these areas,” added Vincent.

The Deloitte Greenhouse Innovation Lab program uses data analytics, group psychology and behavioural science to generate new industry insights. Through targeted sessions the aim is to disrupt conventional thinking to spur creativity and bring about new perspectives. These perspectives then lead to tangible solutions for the future of industries.

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Follow the link to read the full white paper from the innovation lab:Enabling greater success in Asia through innovative logistics practices  PDF 4.7 MB

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