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Warehousing Solutions

Our logistics expertise, backed by Toll’s global capabilities and network, enables us to deliver optimal logistic solutions that we customise to the needs of a broad range of customers. 

If you are looking at a warehousing solution to suit your business, Toll offers strategically located facilities in major gateways across the globe, with a range of warehousing options to suit your core services. From the development and design of the physical asset through to warehouse operations - we offer our customers a range of warehouse services to match evolving requirements and to help optimise supply chain operations.

Dedicated Warehouses

We specialise in providing customised storage solutions for our customers – dedicated warehouse space is available throughout our global network, complete with Toll technology, equipment and skilled personnel.

If your business requires a dedicated warehouse solution we have teams of warehouse designers, engineers and where required, industrial chemists to provide appropriate warehousing solutions that meet your needs.

Whether we design and construct a warehouse for your requirements, lease a warehouse on your behalf or customise a warehouse with fittings and equipment to suit your needs, we can work with you to implement a storage option that best suits you.


Multi-user warehouses

Whether you require short, medium or long term warehousing, our multi-user facilities provide scalable cost-effective solutions that share the cost of resources and equipment.

If you have low volumes, uncertain demand or seasonal operational fluctuations, choosing shared warehousing allows you to enjoy the benefits of a larger operation at significantly less cost.

Our multi-user facilities provide our customers with the opportunity to only pay for the space they need, with access to additional space and resources when and if their business requirements change.

In addition to the flexibility afforded to users of shared warehousing, Toll’s state of the art technology systems provide visibility to respond to real time transactions and inventory allocation.


Facilities operations

Make the most of your facility while you focus on your core business, by outsource your warehouse operations and labour functions to us.

Our highly skilled supply chain teams can successfully manage and operate your warehouse facilities while you retain the lease/title responsibilities. Outsourcing your warehouse and labour functions allows you to focus on your core business, while we add value to your supply chain.

It also creates potential for backfilling of excessive warehouse capacity, allowing your business to leverage Toll’s skilled operations and warehouse labour pool.


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