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Our specialised solutions for the automotive sector in Singapore include supply chain management, core parts logistics and finished vehicle logistics.

As a Group, Toll is highly experienced in delivering comprehensive supply chain solutions to automotive customers.

We understand the complex, cost-driven nature of the automotive and machinery sector. In response, we’ve developed cost-effective, industry specific Just in Time supply chain and distribution solutions with the aim of simplifying transport and logistics requirements for our automotive customers. 

From our auto logistics hub in Tuas and our storage facilities in Jurong and Loyang, we offer finished vehicle services including pre-delivery services, transportation, delivery and warehousing.  We’re also able to provide end-to-end parts logistics services.



Parts logistics

We can fully support your manufacturing and spare parts needs with end-to-end vehicle parts management services. We’re highly experienced in delivering responsive and efficient services that make sure your parts are delivered where and when they’re needed.

Our parts logistics services in Singapore include:

  • parts warehousing and inventory management
  • comprehensive value-add distribution services including order picking, packing, kitting, inventory and returns management
  • returns management


Finished vehicle logistics

We provide our automotive customers in Singapore with comprehensive finished vehicle logistics solutions that enable them to manage their vehicle supply chains efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Whether you need your vehicles modified to comply with local requirements, or you want to make sure your vehicles are ready for sale the minute they arrive at your premises, we can deliver.

Our finished vehicle services include:

  • pre-delivery services including:
    • pre-delivery inspections
    • paint and panel rectification services
    • vehicle storage
  • new car and pre-owned car logistics including:
  • customs management
  • export containerisation
  • inventory management
  • a comprehensive range of vehicle storage solutions including:
    • open and enclosed storage
    • licensed warehouses
    • government pound
  • transportation and distribution
  • parts and accessory fulfilment services

So if you’re looking for specialised services to support your automotive supply chain in Singapore, talk to us.


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