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Toll offers supply chain management services to customers requiring integrated logistics solutions in South Korea.

We offer comprehensive supply chain management services to multinational corporations operating in Korea and to local South Korean companies.

We operate two distribution centres in In-Cheon Port and in Icheon City, Kyung Ki Province, with total warehouse space of approximately 10,000 square metres. Additionally, we offer dangerous goods and chemicals services from Pyungtaek. Our distribution centre operations are backed by nationwide transportation capability and an extensive network of port and railroad container yards.

We combine our Asia Pacific network and supply chain management expertise with our local domain knowledge and network of local transportation to deliver end-to-end services to our customers, with the ability to provide Asia-wide supply chain solutions to multinational companies. 

Toll’s services in South Korea include:

Here at Toll we continue to evolve, expanding our service reach and capability across the globe in response to our customers’ needs. Talk to us about how we can support you with transport, freight and logistics services in South Korea.


Global Logistics Korea

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RM 801, Cygnus Building
#7 Mugyo-dong, Jung-gu
South Korea

Global Forwarding Korea

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RM 801, Cygnus Building 28 Mugyo-Ro
South Korea