Our industry-specific solutions in China

We have highly developed logistics capabilities that enable us to deliver solutions tailored to the specific needs of a range of sectors.

Toll has been in the business of delivering transport and logistics solutions to customers around the world for more than 125 years.

Drawing on the logistics expertise we’ve built over that time, we've established strong capabilities across a number of key sectors.

Industries we support with specialised solutions in China

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Foodstuffs & Perishable Goods

We’re highly experienced in delivering integrated and agile FMCG logistics solutions to packaged goods, perishable goods and food and beverage customers in China. We fully understand the complexities of managing global supply chains and local distribution for goods with fluctuating demand and fast turnover.

Backed by our China-wide network, we have the infrastructure, the fleet, the technology and the specialised expertise to deliver flexible FMCG solutions that are fully customised to your specific requirements.

Our services to FMCG customers include:

  • FMCG supply chain design and management – our FMCG supply chain experts work with our customers to design, optimise and manage supply chains that improve speed to market and reduce operating costs
  • FMCG warehousing capabilities including:
    • temperature controlled and ambient storage
    • secure warehousing
    • bonded warehousing
  • Distribution services including:
    • inventory management
    • replenishment and shelf-life logistics
    • order processing and fulfilment
    • value-added services
  • Demand driven transport services that fully support FMCG customers including:
    • International freight transport services
    • ambient and temperature controlled transport
    • line haul transportation
    • domestic ocean/barge transportation
    • domestic last mile distribution
    • milk run services
    • dedicated transport services, with branded fleet
  • Reverse logistics including sorting and repackaging, inventory segregation and product disposal

Who we work with

Customers we’ve supported with FMCG solutions in China include Colgate, Hawley & Hazel, Johnson & Johnson.

Foodstuff and perishable goods

We offer a range of freight solutions for foodstuff and perishable goods including:

  • Freight forwarding by air and ocean
  • Temperature controlled freight forwarding services
  • End-to-end supply chain services
  • Consultancy services
  • Customs clearance and brokerage services
  • Inventory management
  • Domestic distribution



Provision of integrated transport and warehousing to retail customers is a core competency for us in China.

With our  network of warehouse and distribution centres and our own fleet, we customise logistics solutions that are responsive to our retail customers’ peak periods. We have the flexibility, the expertise in retail and the global scale and networks to reduce inventory and shorten lead times for your deliveries.

So if you’re looking for a logistics partner you can rely on to deliver a seamless supply chain between all points of your business in China – from your manufacturing base right into your retail network – talk to us.

Our services to retail customers in China include:

  • fully integrated international freight forwarding services across all modes, including Sea-Air, door-to-door or port-to-door
  • customs clearance and brokerage
  • bonded and non-bond warehouse facilities
  • Consolidation services including buyers consolidation and multi-country consolidation
  • China-wide domestic transportation, including cross border trucking from South East Asia to China
  • comprehensive warehouse logistic services including sophisticated inventory management
  • value added services including
    • repacking and relabelling
    • quality assurance sampling
    • kitting and assembly
  • flexible and responsive distribution solutions including in-store replenishment
  • returns management

Who we work with

Customers we’ve supported with retail solutions in China include Mattel and Osram.


We offer end-to-end fashion logistics solutions across China that support the supply chains and retail needs of a broad range of garment, textile, footwear and accessory customers.

Our fashion logistics specialists understand the specific garment transportation and distribution requirements of the fashion sector, and will tailor a solution to meet your needs – from consolidation of your garments at their point of manufacture, if required, right through to last mile delivery. One of our core competencies for this sector is garment on hanger (GOH) services – a service that ensures your garments travel upright on hangars so they arrive at their end destination wrinkle-free and store ready.

We can support you with:

  • consolidation and purchase order management of your garments at their point of origin
  • international value-added freight transport services across all modes, including sea/air using our specialised GOH containers (known as hangtainers)
  • cross border trucking including South East Asia to China
  • customs clearance and management of cross border requirements including CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) handling in animal skin garments
  • cross-docking solutions
  • warehouse logistics including
    • shared or dedicated warehousing
    • hanging garment warehousing
    • bonded and non-bonded warehouse facilities
    • inventory management and replenishment
    • comprehensive distribution and value-added service solutions including pick and pack
  • flexible and responsive transportation solutions, including delivery into your distribution centre or just-in-time (JIT) into your stores
  • store-to-store transfers, including hanging garments
  • returns management, including return of hanging garments



We fully understand the complexities of healthcare logistics. Our logistics team in China has a high level of healthcare supply chain expertise and specialises in delivering fully integrated and cost-effective supply chain solutions to pharmaceutical, health and medical equipment customers.

We deliver comprehensive supply chain solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs of our healthcare customers, including the movement, storage and distribution of temperature controlled and high risk goods.  

Our services to healthcare customers include:

  • supply chain services including:
    • network design and optimisation
  • specialised warehousing and storage solutions that specifically support healthcare products including:
    • temperature and humidity controlled warehousing
    • secure warehousing
    • cold chain services management of vaccines, blood products and samples
    • authorised medical equipment storage facilities
  • inventory management
  • specialised distribution and value-added services including:
    • medical device repackaging and kitting
    • relabelling
  • comprehensive transport services including:
    • domestic transportation services including scheduled runs, milk runs and urgent ad-hoc runs
    • temperature controlled transport
    • international freight solutions across all modes of transport

Who we work with

We work with a broad range of healthcare customers in China from  medical equipment suppliers to pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, and biotechnology companies. Customers we’ve supported with healthcare services in China include Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and Becton Dickinson Medical Devices.


We’re highly experienced in delivering safe and effective logistics solutions to industrial customers in China, including Just in Time (JIT) supply chain and distribution solutions. From the import and export of industrial freight through to the handling and storage of equipment and raw materials, we’re able to offer you a complete or partial industrial supply chain solution.

Our services for industrial customers in China include:

  • procurement of supplies for construction and renewable technology customers
  • end-to-end supply chain services
  • consultancy services
  • over-sized and break-bulk solutions
  • dangerous goods management



Our global supply chain expertise combined with our local capabilities and our experience partnering with many technology clients enable us to develop dynamic, agile and effective logistics solutions that help our technology customers improve their speed to market, reduce their operating costs and manage their inventory levels more effectively.

So, whether you need specialised transportation and secure warehousing services for your high value electronics, heavy technical equipment or sensitive components, last mile delivery of your finished technology products into your retail network or a fully integrated supply chain solution, we can help.

Our services for technology customers in China include:

  • End to end supply chain services
  • Project cargo or oversize cargo management
  • Supply chain services including
    • Control tower services
    • Freight management and exception management
    • iCon e-services
  • Transportation solutions including
    • Specialised movement of heavy and high value sensitive IT equipment
    • Last mile delivery
    • Cross border trucking between South East Asia to China
    • Time definite services
  • Warehousing and storage solutions including
    • Bonded and non-bonded warehouse
    • Temperature controlled warehouse
    • Return materials management
    • Vendor managed inventory solutions
    • B2B or B2C solution