Accreditations, affiliations, and awards in China

Certified with best-practice industry-based standards, we are committed to provide quality, secure and effective services for you.

As a Group, Toll is committed to delivering optimal logistics solutions for our customers 

Part of this commitment is ensuring our services levels are the best they can be and that our services are certified to best-practice industry-based standards, where relevant. 

From our logistics management and freight transport services through to our management of dangerous goods, we are qualified and accredited to deliver safe, secure and effective services for our customers. 

We also strive to build and maintain productive relationship with key industry bodies, often taking a leadership role - particularly in the area of safety. 

Logistics Services 

We hold ISO quality and environmental management certifications for our logistics services in China including: 

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system 

  • ISO 13485: 2016 medical device quality management system 

  • ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system 

  • ISO 45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system 

We are also fully certified with a third-party logistics business license for medical devices. 

Relocation Services

As specialists in relocation services, we’re affiliated with key international industry associations. Our memberships include: 

  • International Association of Movers 

  • International Federation of International Removers


Our awards in China 

As a Group, Toll is deeply committed to being customer focused. Our vision is to be an integral component of our customer’s success – we believe our customer’s success creates our own success. Being recognised by our customers for service excellence is, therefore, particularly rewarding for us. 

Awards we’ve received from our customers in China include: 

  • 2020 Colgate-Palmolive China safety award for maintaining zero safety incidents in Huangpu Guangzhou, China 

  • 2019 Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J’s) “Best Supporting Supplier” and “Key Continuous Improvement Partner” award to the Minhang, China team 

  • 2018 Safety Advanced Enterprise in Huangpu, Guangzhou 

  • 2015 Johnson & Johnson Best Customer Service award to a TGL Customer Service Senior Account Manager 

  • 2015 Johnson & Johnson Best Distribution Centre, to our Minhang Regional Distribution Centre 

  • 2014 Johnson & Johnson Logistics Service Award 

  • 2014 Colgate Palmolive Continuous Improvement and Support Customer Services award 

  • 2012 Hawley and Hazel Logistics Services Award, Shanghai 

  • 2012 Best Service Award 2012, Shanghai Dream Team International Trading Company 

  • 2011 Johnson & Johnson 3PL Best Warehouse Management Award 2011 to our Shanghai Distribution Centre 

  • 2011 Johnson & Johnson 3PL Best Customer Service Award 2011, to our Guangzhou Regional Distribution Centre 

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Accreditations, affiliations, and awards in China

Certified with best-practice industry-based standards, we are committed to provide quality, secure and effective services for you.
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