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28 June 2021

Fast Facts Q&A with Matt Zadow

Undoubtedly, this is a busy period for Global Express – the sale of the business to Allegro Funds, an exciting new Group Chief Executive Officer, Christine Holgate, joining the company soon as well as the ongoing Enterprise Bargaining Agreement negotiations. Our teams are the heart and soul of the business and throughout these changes we are committed to providing you with the latest information that you want to know.

Matt Zadow, Executive General Manager of Human Resources, sat down for an interview to address some hot topics.


Can you share an update on the EBA negotiations?

We are in the middle of the EBA negotiations and have responded to the union’s Log of Claim.  After each meeting, the leadership hosts a call with site leaders across both Global Express and Global Logistics. We ask that site leaders please host toolboxes and engage with your teams to pass along information and answer as many questions as possible.


What is Toll’s position in the EBA negotiations?

Our goal is to negotiate an EBA that is fair to our teams and enables the business to ease the current challenging financial situation. For us, this negotiation is not about a race to the bottom. We are currently the market leader in terms of rates and conditions, we do not intend to alter our position on this.

“For example – Grade 6 drivers in our industry under the RTD Award earn $22.74 per hour, while Toll employees earn significantly more with a minimum hourly wage of $25.01 per hour.”

We know that we are ‘Better Together’ when our teams and the company at large are reading from the same playbook, because fundamentally, I believe, we all want the same thing – a safe, happy and fair environment for our teams and for the company to go from strength to strength.

Some of the key topics raised so far include Full Utilisation, Pay Rates and Safety matters:

  • Full utilisation: Further restrictions have been sought around the current full utilisation clause in the Heads of Agreement. It is important to remember that we already have industry-leading standards here, and we aren’t seeking to reduce them. Stricter clauses on utilisation will impact our ability to provide flexible and agile solutions to our customers, which may unfortunately have an impact on our ability to compete in a changing market.
  • Pay rates: Let’s be clear, Global Express is not opposed to a pay increase and in the recent bargaining meetings on 18 and 19 June have proposed a reasonable increase. While pay is very important, a job isn’t just about the money and we are invested in ensuring we provide good rates of pay, job security, safe and well-maintained equipment and a supportive work environment.
  • Safety: Whether you are a subcontractor or an employee, we refuse to accept anything but the highest commitment to safety on our sites. This is a nonnegotiable and a commitment we take seriously. Over the last 12 months, Global Express has made excellent progress on our safety record resulting in:
    • 24% reduction in the Critical Incident Frequency Rate
    • 25 % reduction in Motor Vehicle Incidents
    • Reduced Serious Safety Incidents and Lost Time Injuries

I can safely say that Global Express is industry leading on the safety front and whatever the outcome of the negotiations, we will continue to improve our safety performance.

By continuing to work together I believe we can strike the right balance to achieve a better future at Global Express.


What would Global Express like to see out of the industry wide EBA negotiations?

We would like to see industry representatives work on behalf of the entire industry and its participants. Given how focused Toll is on safety and providing fair work conditions to our employees, I am appalled by some of the conditions in the broader industry. I believe that all drivers should have fair conditions and I would like to see a much stronger focus on lifting the bottom of the market which is where these issues are prevalent. We are already leading the way – why shouldn’t others meet the standards we have already set?


How will the sale of Global Express impact the EBA negotiations?

We are currently part of the Toll Group and are continuing to negotiate a replacement to the Heads of Agreement as a single group. If we are unable to conclude the negotiations before completion of the sale, ultimately there will be two Enterprise Agreements negotiated – one for Toll and one for Global Express. This is normal and natural as at a certain point in the future Toll Group and Global Express will be two separate businesses.


What changes, if any, will our frontline teams feel as a result of the sale?

We do not anticipate any major changes for our frontline teams as a result of the sale. We ask that you continue to perform your tasks to the very best of your ability and deliver for our customers – that is the most important thing anyone can do right now.

The employee consultation process has been completed and all employees will soon receive their transfer letters, if they haven’t already.

We are working as hard as we can to make this process as business-as-usual as possible and appreciate your support as we continue to progress along the transition path.


21 June 2021

Important update on the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

Key Points:

• Toll is currently negotiating a new EBA (Heads of Agreement) with the Transport Workers Union.

• In mid-May, the TWU served a log of claims on Toll.

• The log of claims was very detailed and listed 30 pages of claims.

• Toll has discussed these claims with the union and provided a response.

• Toll has made it very clear to the negotiation team that this offer reflects the need for Toll to remain sustainable as a business in a very competitive environment.

• The agreement is all about retaining existing provisions in relation to full utilisation – safety and most importantly – job security.


Toll’s Response to the Log of Claims

• In our response Toll accepted many of the claims sought by the Union which reflect the current content in the Heads of Agreement- we are not seeking to make substantial change to the Heads of Agreement.

• We have offered Transport Workers covered by this Agreement a 1.5% increase to wages and allowances effective from 1 July 2021 and a further 1.75% increase to wages and allowances payable from 1 July 2022.

• Additionally, we have offered that Transport Workers be paid a one-off lump sum of $750 gross, inclusive of superannuation.

• Toll has given its commitment to continue its efforts around mental health support and implement a mental health plan for its workers.

• Toll has agreed that delegates’ leave will be paid and calculated on average earnings for the three-month period prior to the leave being taken.

• Toll has made this offer with the understanding that part time employees will not be engaged for the purpose of reducing overtime hours available to permanent full time employees.

• Any periods of stand down will be paid on average earnings for the three month period prior to the stand down.

• It is proposed the new agreement will provide for new conditions relating to fixed term contracts, placing guard rails around existing processes, so that these contracts will only be used for a genuine purpose, for a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum period of 2 years. Under the proposal, a fixed term contract may only be renewed once.

• The offer preserves current superannuation payments, which form the highwater mark in the industry (currently set at 14.75%)


In addition to the above, Toll has also proposed to implement:

• a rate Business to Consumer/E-Commerce work, equivalent to the Award rate plus 10%, and superannuation in accordance with the Superannuation Guarantee Administration Act. This rate is aimed at allowing Toll to grow its presence in the B2C/E-commerce market. This rate will be limited to Transport Workers performing B2C/E-commerce work as defined.

• Toll has proposed new part time arrangements, allowing for part time employees to elect to work additional hours at ordinary pay. Part time employees who regularly work for 38 ordinary hours each week, may, after a period of 6 months elect to convert to becoming full time employees. Toll has made this offer with the understanding that part time employees will not be engaged for the purpose of reducing overtime hours available to permanent full time employees.


What’s next?

Toll will meet with the TWU again at the end of June.

We will continue to provide you with updates on our progress with the negotiations.

In the meantime, please speak to to your line managers or email [email protected]


Global Express Site Leaders Participate in Communications Training Workshops

Since April 2021, over 250 Global Express site leaders from around the country have participated in Workplace Communications Training sessions. These sessions were created to highlight the importance of employee engagement, the benefit of regular toolboxes and how to effectively communicate key messages so that frontline teams are receiving the most relevant, interesting, and impactful information. These sessions included presentations from subject matter experts, small breakout sessions and roleplays.

Following the sessions, participants were invited to share their feedback in a survey. The results were overwhelming:

  • 81% of respondents rated the session ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’
  • 86% said they felt more confident as a result of the session
  • 72% of respondents said they intend to communicate with their teams ‘more’ or ‘much more’


The training sessions were led by representatives from the Communications, Human Resources, and Industrial Relations teams. According to Davina Rapaport Labi, Head of Communications for Global Express, site leaders play a crucial role in providing the link between our officed-based leadership and our frontline teams. “We want to ensure they feel confident and supported as they enable communications to not only flow from the leadership to the frontline, but also to channel frontline feedback up to the business leaders” she said.

“Communication skills are an essential component of leadership, without effectively unifying a workforce behind a common set of objectives, it will be even more difficult for a business to reach its goals” says Davina.

Michael Baks, an Express Parcels Premium Services Manager, said “what I enjoyed about the course, was being challenged and learning to deliver a message confidently and in control. The course has taught me it is incredibly important to prepare for any communications meeting, make sure you read the brief, know the information, plan for any objections that may come your way. I learned that it’s this preparation that enables me to have successful and collaborative meetings with my team.”

In addition to enabling site leaders to facilitate impactful communications at their respective sites, communication skills are an essential component of effective leadership. This is one example of how Global Express is investing in our teams.

Brendon Koh, an Operations Manager with Express Parcels said “with the sale of Global Express and subsequent transition, it is more important than ever to be there for our teams, and regular consistent communications is a critical part of that. Thanks for the opportunity."


Accessing GE Connect

Global Express is committed to keeping our frontline teams up to date on the latest news about Global Express. Whether you’re looking for information about the sale, latest operational updates or simply want to learn more about the business, GE Connect will increasingly be your go-to source. You can access GE Connect in several ways:


  1. By simply visiting
  2. Via your TED device. You should see a GE Connect icon on the application panel.
  3. You may have received small business cards with a QR code. For those that are comfortable using their smartphones, simply scan the QR code to connect to GE Connect.


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Dear team
Yesterday, Allegro Funds announced the appointment of Christine Holgate as future Chief Executive Officer of Global Express.
Christine is a highly experienced and well-regarded executive and I have the utmost respect for her. I am confident that, with the strong support and investment from Allegro, she will continue to build upon the great progress we have made as a team over the past 18 months to build a strong and successful business.
I’d like to take a moment to reflect on our achievements. Together, we have created a safer business, reducing by 24% our Critical Incident Frequency Rate. We have improved customer outcomes not only through better service standards, but also by making it easier for customers to do business with us. We vastly enhanced our MyToll online stability and offering, improved contact centre response times and improved invoicing and dispute resolution.  Operationally, we faced into a myriad of challenges to reset capacity closer to demand, turning around our financial performance by stemming the losses in the first two quarters to deliver profits in quarters three and four.  We are already on track to beat our forecast for this year. Together, we have turned around Global Express in the most challenging of circumstances and it has been my privilege to lead us on this remarkable journey.
We know that there is more work, and plenty more opportunity, ahead to reach our full potential. I have no doubt that under Christine’s leadership, with the strength and resilience of our talented team, Global Express will succeed and grow into the great business we all know it to be.
I know many of you are wondering what this means for my role with the company. I have a passion for leadership and will continue discussions with Christine and Allegro on future opportunities. Christine will commence in the role once the separation is complete, which is targeted for the end of June or July.
In the meantime, there should be no doubt that my passion for this business is unwavering. I remain firmly focused on leading Global Express through the transition, ensuring our people, customers and business are well supported.  


Alan Beacham,

President, Global Express

Recognising our Service Champions!

Dear Team,

By now I hope you will be familiar with GE’s ‘four Cs’ strategy – our focus on Care, Cash, Customer and Cost. These are the four essential elements we need to return to profitability and be a sustainable business well into the future.

As the face of our business, our frontline employees are the crucial link between our business and our customers. We know this isn’t always an easy place to be. While I know customers are at the heart of what you do day-to-day, periodically, we receive glowing feedback from customers.

I would like to call out some of our customer service champions and extend a huge thank you and congratulations. I love seeing feedback like this!

  • Kudos to Harinder Pal Singh Sidhu (Harry) from Toll Courier in Queensland. On March 26, a customer was very impressed with your professionalism when you delivered a printer to the customer. Keep up the great work!
  • On March 23, Yousuf Yonan and Dayvid Yonan from Toll Courier delivered several printer devices to the customer. Your on-time delivery and efficiency were highlighted by the customer – apparently all eight printers were installed before midday! The customer said, “they were professional and meticulous, and we would be happy to work with them in the future.” What amazing feedback!
  • Well done to Kevin Dunst in Express Parcels for your initiative and customer-focus! On March 5, a customer reached out a explained how you noticed that when he delivered to this customer, they were often closed during normal business hours. Rather than leave a ‘sorry we missed you’ card, Kevin Googled the business to find out them the business would be open. The customer was overwhelmed that a driver would go to such a length to ensure a successful delivery rather than just leave a card. Amazing initiative and feedback, Kevin!
  • Well done to Mike Chaseling and Rief Lachlan Carrick from Toll Courier. On March 24, a customer wrote: ‘I deal with a lot of service providers and your quality of service was second to none.’ Excellent feedback, team!
  • Well done to Benjamin Choy and Zac D’Antonio from Toll Courier. On March 19, a customer praised your professionalism and attention to detail. Keep up the great work!
  • Congratulations Ngim Chou Yeak, from Toll Courier, on a great job! On March 19, a customer reached out to say how impressed they were with your service and professionalism – in particular, your focus on safety while moving two large photocopiers. The customer said: ‘Ngim did not try to take any shortcuts and made sure he used the correct equipment (stair climber) to ensure he reduced any chances of accidents to himself, our staff or the photocopier.’ Well done, Ngim! What a great example you’re setting!
  • On March 17, Ngim Chou Yeak once again received positive feedback from a customer. The customer said you were both punctual, polite and easy to work with. Excellent feedback!
  • Kudos to Manish Sharma and Jaspreet Singh Toll Courier who on March 17 received praise from a customer. The customer was very happy with your attention to detail.
  • Congratulations to Sukhjivan Singh and Pargat Singh from Toll Courier who received glowing praise from a customer on March 16. The customer said, ‘Sukh and Pargat were exceptional gentlemen, in both sense of the word. They were a pleasure to deal with, professional and extremely polite. I deal with deliveries from various company's each week and these pair are stars I wish all people had the pleasant nature of these two.’ It doesn’t get any better than that!
  • Big thank you for Manish Sharma (Manny) from Toll Courier. On March 15, a customer reached out and complimented your manners during a delivery.

Thank you for all the hard work and excellent customer service – keep up the great work!


Alan Beacham,



Global Express


Dear colleagues,

As you will be aware, yesterday we announced that Toll Group has entered into an agreement with Allegro Funds for the sale of Global Express. You can read the announcement here.

The announcement represents an exciting new opportunity for Global Express. Allegro Funds was impressed with the business, the calibre of our team, and believes in our potential. To that end, they have committed to making further significant investment in Global Express.

While I am personally excited by the news, I understand that change and uncertainty can make some people uncomfortable. That is a natural response, and I know that people process events differently and in their own time.

Throughout this process, we will endeavour to communicate transparently and in a timely manner. We will continue to update GE Connect and host regular Toolboxes.

It is important to remember that despite today’s announcement, for the coming weeks and months, we will continue to be a part of the Toll Group. Please continue to perform your tasks to the very best of your ability and collaborate with our colleagues from around the business. For most of our teams, it should be business as usual.

While reflecting on yesterday’s announcement, my mind kept returning to how proud I am to lead this team. As always, thank you for your hard work, energy, and commitment – Global Express would not be what it is without you.


Kind regards,


Alan Beacham,


Global Express

Allegro Funds to acquire Global Express


Dear colleagues,

As you may have heard, today is a significant day in the history of Toll Group and Global Express. A short time ago, Toll Group has entered into an agreement with Allegro Funds for the sale of Global Express.

Allegro Funds is a successful Australian private equity company with a reputation for building great businesses, helping them to grow and become more profitable.

Today’s announcement represents an exciting new opportunity for Global Express. Allegro Funds was impressed with the business, the calibre of our teams and believes in our potential. To that end, they have committed to making further significant investment in Global Express. It is a journey that I am personally very excited about.

I understand that our teams will have many questions. We are committed to providing as much information as possible as we work through the transition. I encourage you to attend upcoming Toolboxes at your site.  In addition to that, below are some Q&A that you may find useful.

It is important to remember that despite today’s announcement, for the coming weeks and months, we will continue to be a part of the Toll Group. Please continue to perform your tasks to the very best of your ability and collaborate with our colleagues from around the business. For most of our teams, it should be business as usual.

I’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate how proud I am of the Global Express business we have built together. Today, we are stronger, more competitive, and better placed to face the challenges ahead.

Thank you for your hard work and support. I couldn’t be prouder of everything we have accomplished together.


Kind regards,


Alan Beacham,


Global Express


Why has Toll decided to sell the Global Express business?

In the past five years, Global Express has undertaken a significant transformation to adapt to very challenging market conditions. The division has benefited from significant investments across facilities, fleet, technology, and infrastructure. In addition, the team has driven substantial improvements to safety, productivity, and operating efficiency.

The time is now right to sell Global Express. Under new ownership, Global Express will be better positioned to accelerate on delivering its strategy and growth initiatives. Following the finalisation of the sale, Toll will be better positioned to focus on growing its international contract logistics and freight forwarding businesses, with a focus on the Asian and Australian markets, in line with Japan Post's strategic ambitions.


Can you tell me more about the buyer, Allegro Funds?

Allegro Funds is a successful Australian private equity company with a reputation for building great businesses, helping them to grow and become more profitable. Over the past 20 years, Allegro has demonstrated a strong track record of partnering with management teams and key stakeholders to build better businesses and create enduring value.

They have helped successfully reposition a number of businesses in Australia and New Zealand by investing and implementing operational improvements to support sustained long term growth and have won numerous awards for their work.


What will be the impact to jobs as a result of the sale?

Over the coming months, the Toll and Global Express teams will be working through the details of the transaction and the separation of the two businesses. As such, right now it is too early to tell what the separation may mean for specific roles. We understand that job security is important for our employees and contractors and we will keep our teams informed as we work through the transition. In the meantime, it’s important we stay focused on business as usual and maintaining our usual high standards of performance. For all of us at Toll, it’s important that we continue to focus on safety, servicing our customers and delivering on business improvement programs.

If I transfer with the Global Express business, will there be changes to the terms and conditions of my employment contract?

For those employees transferring with the Global Express business, the existing employment arrangements as outlined in your employment contract will remain the same following the transition. Employees transferring to the Global Express business will receive further information regarding the transfer closer to the targeted completion date.


What happens to my owner/driver contract?

Our subcontractor and owner-driver partners are an integral part of the Toll team and our network offering.  At this stage it is too early to tell if there will be any impacts on subcontractor arrangements. We will keep our partners informed of key developments as we work through the sale and work closely with our partners and people through this process.


What can I do in my role to help the Toll Group/Global Express be successful?

We all have a vital role to play in supporting Toll and Global Express reach their full growth potential.  For everyone at Toll, it is important that we continue to stay focused on working safely, servicing our customers and delivering on our business improvement plans.


What can I expect to see in the coming months as we work through the separation of Toll and Global Express?

Over the coming months, dedicated teams from Toll, Global Express and Allegro Funds will work through a detailed separation plan to ensure a smooth transition as we set up Global Express as a standalone business. This transition planning will cover how we support our people and customers, as well as carefully managing the separation of processes, technology, suppliers, operations and brand. For the vast majority of our people, it will be business as usual as we stay focused on serving our customers and delivering on our business strategy.

A New Bicycle for Pockets

Recently, one of GE’s team members marked an important milestone. Michael Faulkner, known to the team at the Kalgoorlie branch as ‘Pockets,’ celebrated 30-years with the company.

While Global Express is lucky to have thousands of amazing team members who are passionate about Toll and delivering for our customers, Pockets’ story is one of overcoming adversity, teamwork, and dedication.

Michael has Autism and as a result does not have a driver’s licence. He rides his bicycle to and from home every day – rain, hail or shine. This represents an immense 20-kilometre round trip.

Given the distances he covers, he recently needed a replacement bicycle. The PE team thought it only fitting to surprise Pockets with a brand-new bike, celebrating his 30-years of service and to thank him for his contributions to the company.

Despite some challenges related to Pockets’ Autism, he has proven himself to be an invaluable member of the team, helping the drivers restrain loads and roll straps, cleaning up around the yard and assisting drivers when they need an extra hand.

Michael is also the general coordinator for all reverse freight the travels ex Kalgoorlie, building return loads ensuring our customers transit expectations are met. Pockets is known for his friendly attitude and teamwork- he lives the Teamwork value each and every day.

Tony Busby, Kalgoorlie Branch Manager said: ‘Pockets is the embodiment on what Global Express should be about – teamwork, dedication and skill. He is always on hand to support his mates and lives and breathes the Toll values. We are lucky to have Pockets as part of our team.’

‘We are so proud of Pockets and wanted to recognize his contributions to the team and the company at large. We know that a bike cannot compare to Pockets’ 30-years of service, but we hope he has a safe and smooth ride to work for many years to come,’ said Michael Rugendyke, Executive General Manager, Palletised Express. ‘It’s a privilege to have Pockets as part of the team. Thank you for inspiring us.’


Want the latest breaking news about Global Express? GE Connect will be your go-to hub.

Visiting our sites and speaking to the teams, two things jump out at me: we are fortunate to have talented and passionate people helping us deliver for our customers and our people, particularly those on the frontline, are hungry for more information about Global Express.

We have heard this feedback and are constantly looking for ways to engage our teams.

GE Connect is a website established to provide informative and relevant information to our teams. In 2021, there will be a lot of exciting announcements, including the outcome of the Global Express sale process. GE Connect will be updated with any breaking news, so it will be a key source of information for our drivers.

Drivers will soon find it easier to access GE Connect as it will be accessible on the driver’s devices as an app. GE Connect will increasingly be a hub for the latest company news.

There are three ways to access GE Connect:

  1. Open your preferred internet browser and type the website:
  2. TED devices have now become an integral part of our drivers’ day. We have now launched GE Connect on the TED devices so that when our drivers have a moment, they have the latest updates at their fingertips. Drivers will soon see an icon for GE Connect on the application panel.
  3. Small cards have been sent to every Global Express site. These cards include a QR Code. Scanning the QR code with your smart phone will take you directly to GE Connect. To scan the QR Code simply open your camera, point the camera at the QR Code and wait for the notification to pop up and click through. These cards are designed to be kept in your wallet or in your vehicle so that you can always access the information that you find interesting.
    1. This is an optional method for those who are comfortable using their smartphones to access GE Connect. For those that would prefer not to, you can access GE Connect easily via TED.

The Global Express Leadership Team have heard your feedback – you want to be heard. In addition to reading articles and watching videos about GE, GE Connect will also feature a new ‘feedback’ tab. Initially we will be inviting feedback on MyToll, Health and Safety as well as Delivery Issues however there are plans to expand the feedback fields.


I encourage you to check out GE Connect and share this message with your teams.


Kind regards,



President, Global Express

Latest News

4 March 2021


Dear colleagues,

Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thank you for all your hard work over the busy peak season. Our team navigated the operational challenges extremely well. If there is one thing I learned in 2020, it was the strength and resilience of our team. I have never been prouder to lead the Global Express team.

When I join Toolboxes and speak to colleagues across all corners of the business, I am struck by the increasing focus on our ‘four Cs’ – Care, Cash, Customer and Cost. Over the past few years, we have been lucky to have had a strong investor like Japan Post. They have patiently and generously supported us as we turn this huge ship towards more profitable waters. While we have made significant progress, we still have a long way to go. Moving forward we will no longer have the luxury of being able to fall short on any of the ‘four Cs.’ If we neglect to look after business fundamentals such as taking care of our teams, business costs, cash-flow or providing a positive customer experience, we will not reach our potential as a successful and profitable business. I ask that all team leaders take the time to speak with your teams to discuss how you are supporting our strategy.

I know that another topic of interest is the sale process for Global Express. There may be some speculation, but I want to be clear – we are still in the process of marketing the business to various prospective buyers. Therefore, any rumour or speculation that a sale has been finalised, is false. The marketing process is ongoing, and we continue to have informative conversations with all prospective bidders. We have seen a broad range of interest in the business and are buoyed by the comprehensive sale process. I am committed to sharing as much information as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I ask that you continue to perform your tasks to the very best of your ability.

As we all know, 2020 was a challenging year and a year of immense learning for Global Express. The cyber-attacks were a tough lesson to learn about the realities of the world we are currently operating in. To that end, I ask that every single one of our employees complete the cyber training modules. To be honest, when I saw the completion rates, I was quite disappointed and concerned. You can complete the training here. Please make this a priority.

I feel very privileged to lead a team of talented and hardworking people. 2020 was a big year for us all and 2021 is shaping up to be just as jam-packed. It is important that we all take the time to take care of ourselves – that it what annual leave is for. If you are feeling tired, run-down or even just need an additional day for some “me time” please speak with your manager and schedule some time off. I want to encourage a culture of looking after our physical and mental health.

Many thanks once again for all your hard work. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the coming weeks and months (COVID-19 permitting)!


Kind regards,



To read more about GE's financial performance, our transformation or the latest good news from our team, expand the sections below.

Financial Performance: We are still a loss-making business although we are turning the ship – slowly.

The fact of the matter is that we are still a loss-making business. We made one quarter of profit through peak but we will lose money in this latest quarter. There is no way to sugar coat that message and it is something that we need to keep top of mind. The key factor for us is that we have stabilised the revenue position but it is at a level that is not enough to drive a profitable business and so we need to continue on the path of cost improvement whilst also focusing on improving the experience for the customer and driving sales. Our forecasts show that we will lose money next year but if we do what we have said we will do then we will return to profit in FY23. I am very confident that if we all work together like we have done through the last year then we will get there.

Our trajectory is pointing in the right direction. This is a big business to move and we have momentum. Let’s keep focused on our strategy and remain committed to managing the business around our priorities of Care, Cash, Customer and Cost.

Our Transformation: We are making strong progress

As you will all no doubt be aware, we are on a transformation journey. While it may not seem like it at times, we are making progress on our key initiatives.

TED has been a cornerstone project for the business with over 8,900 users across the business and an average of 4.4 million milestones tracked per month. Customers are responding positively to the proactive notifications and communications that is enabled by TED. The platform has 270,000 active users, 35,000 users that can consign, has 25 million views per months and now represents between 40-50% of pickups.
This is not to say that TED is perfect – we are aware of the current user-experience challenges facing our drivers. The ongoing issue of auto log-out and data loss has been escalated to our service providers, Infosys, Trimble and Zebra, for their assistance in resolving this issue. We know how frustrating these technical challenges can be. In the meantime, we encourage drivers to log-out and restart the device twice a day. We know this is not a long-term solution, but it will mitigate the impact of the issue.
We are making a significant financial investment in an upgrade of the platform on which TED is built. This platform upgrade, due in April, will delivery further capabilities and stability to TED and improve the user experience for our drivers.
GE is on a journey when it comes to our Contact Centres. Our customers have told us that they have struggled with long wait times, call dropouts, our responsiveness, as well as our ability to resolve their enquiries in a timely manner.  While there is a long road ahead of us to transform the Contact Centre experience, significant progress has already been made.  In the past 6 months our speed of answering calls in Manila has improved from averaging just under 3 minutes to less than 20 seconds. This reduction is driven by a range of factors including transition to PureCloud telephony, implementation of Amazon Work Space along with improved forecasting to better match capacity with expected demand & extensive cross training of team members to load share when there are spikes in particular call types.

We have also introduced call-back options, improved customer communications via SMS, enhanced our quality management program, transitioned our investigators at Melbourne Airport and Bungarribee into Operational roles to reduce handoffs/improve enquiry turnaround times, improved how customers connect with us on new enquiries via MyToll & replaced our workforce management tool to name a few.  While this work is still underway, we are already seeing key metrics lift in areas such as Grade of Service (back to >90% week in week out), quality scores improve by 9% ,  Contact Centre Net Promoter Scores (NPS) improved by 15,  Agent Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores lift by 30% and cost to serve has reduced by approx. 20%. 

There is more work to be done in this space & we are committed to continuing to lift our service to deliver a better customer experience.  In the coming months we will be enhancing our use of technology and digital solutions with new channels and ways of connecting with our teams to make us easier to do business with. 

However, customer experience is all our jobs. Yes, we need to continue to improve the service we provide through the Contact Centres, but we also need to ensure that customers have a positive experience with regards to quotation & on-boarding, client management, pickup & delivery, customer service, digital, invoicing and payments. A poor experience in one area cannot simply be offset by exceptional service in another. We need to collectively lift.  To deliver an exceptional customer experience, we all play a part.

Ending on a high!

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted a spotlight on to the essential nature of what we do as well as the fragility of supply chains. Toll Group's General Manager of Healthcare, Phil Milling, recently shared our expertise with the Australian Financial Review. Click here to read the article.

Our company is more than our network and physical assets. One of our greatest strengths is our team. I am constantly amazed and appreciative of the veterans of our business who have worked hard to keep our business moving. This month I’d like to celebrate Ian Morrison, Lynn Battese, Phillip Gargano, Mark Johnson, Nick Elkins and Lorene Smith – all of whom are celebrating 20 years with the company. Stuart May, Tracey Wormald, Terrance Moyle, Mark Fenech and Sammy Debrincat also celebrate an incredible milestone – 25 years with our company. And last, but certainly not least, please join me in extending our congratulations to Dale Beaumont and Jason Pye who are marking 30 years with the company. From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to say thank you for your hard work and dedication. Our company would not be the place it is without our teams.

Finally, congratulations to Nim Yeak, Sukhjivan Singh, Pargat Singh, Jamal Rashoo, Ayman Yousif, and Harinder Pal Singh Sidhu all of whom received positive feedback from various customers. This is exactly what I like to see – the entire organization doing their part to ensure that our customers have a positive experience with us. Kudos and keep up the great work!



As ANZ Superannuation Plan members would have seen in recent times, we have been advised that the ANZ Superannuation Plan in Australia (Toll’s default superannuation plan) has increased the insurance rates for TPD (total and permanent disability), Salary Continuance, and Death Cover with effect from 22 November. The increase will vary on the age of the participant and the level of cover, however in some cases the increases can be significant.

While we ensure ANZ Super is competitive and sound in its investment approach, we do not have direct control over decisions made by the fund on matters such as this.

We have requested that ANZ Super obtain pricing from other providers for comparison, and they have undertaken to do this. We have also been advised that a number of factors have influenced ANZ Super’s decision on insurance premiums and also sourcing quotes from other providers, including:

  • Our industry grouping – and risk profile and regulatory changes
  • Coronavirus impacting all insurance policies and resulting in increases globally.


The default level of insurance in the ANZ Super fund is a “gold” standard (relative to other funds). Should a member want to they have the option to change their insurance including:

  1. Stay with ANZ Super but reduce the level of cover
  2. Source their own insurance and keep their super with ANZ*
  3. Find a different super fund*

*2 & 3 may involve waiting periods and medical examinations.


Any decisions made are entirely up to each ANZ Superannuation Plan member based on their needs and circumstances and members should seek the right advice before making any decisions.

Whist the ANZ fund is Toll’s default superannuation option, Toll offers ‘Super Choice’ to employees where there is no mandated superannuation fund under an Industrial Instrument. Therefore employees can choose any commercial, industry and their own self-managed fund should they choose to. With this in mind, we do not promote the ANZ Superannuation fund – it is a default option only.

We appreciate that ANZ Superannuation’s decision has caused some ANZ Superannuation Plan members some concern. Should you wish to discuss your insurance options or any other superannuation issues, please refer these directly to ANZ Superannuation.

GE Highlights

Green light for Toll’s Shore Power Project

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Toll moves to new facility at Braeside central logistics hub

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Toll opens new $25 million facility in Wellington

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Safety Obsessed

Safety Heroes

Have a safety hero at your site that you would like to nominate? Let us know via the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

Port Pirie Team

The team at Port Pirie have just celebrated 6866 injury free days! Team completed a 6 months Operations site safety plan with the customer Nyrstar - focused on productivity improvements whilst maintaining safety levels as part of the customers transformation plan and not sacrificing safety for the future. Congratulations to the team and good luck in reaching 7000 injury free days.



The Toll Group Wellbeing Program offers Chaplaincy and Employee Support to provide confidential support or referral for all Toll employees and their families. Support includes:

  • Family crisis 
  • Relationship issues
  • Domestic problems
  • Addiction Issues
  • Communication
  • Absenteeism
  • Mental health issues
  • Bereavement and grief
  • Traumatic or critical events
  • Coping with change
  • Conflict

Optum – Employee Assistance Program 1300 361 008

Vitae – Employee Assistance Program 0508 664 981 (New Zealand only)

Toll Wellbeing Team
Toll Group

Ruth Oakden

Senior Chaplain and Group Manager Wellbeing

0419 446 269 or [email protected]


Millin Curtis

Chaplain and Employee Support

0421 585 218 or [email protected]

Victoria and Tasmania

Karen Culjak

Chaplain and Employee Support

0466 152 567 or [email protected]

South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia

Brian Keane

Chaplain and Employee Support

0466 152 560 or [email protected]



Celebrating our Team

Customer feedback

Everyday our team our out in the community representing Toll, playing a critical role in keeping our communities connected and businesses moving. Below is just some of the amazing feedback we get from our customers.


Santa comes early

"I received a delivery of a bike this morning for my son. Assuming it was a Xmas present and being before school hours, the driver discreetly knocked on the door without the bike so he wouldn’t ruin the surprise. We worked together to pop it in the garage. I really appreciate the forethought of this driver. I imagine it is a very busy time of year for your delivery drivers so taking the extra time to do this is extremely appreciated. Merry Christmas."

New South Wales


Professional service

"I just want to say how great it is to have Jai as our courier driver collecting our parcels. He's definitely the best driver we have had over the 5+ years we have worked with Toll. He is extremely friendly, which is very pleasant, considering we have 35 staff working for us. He is very professional & always arriving on time. He goes beyond what is expected as a courier driver, which is so refreshing in today’s world. Thanks again Jai & Toll, I really appreciate your efforts" - Stevie

New Zealand


Exceeding expectations

"Delivery was fantastic had my items here in two days faster than express postal service I paid for another package which is still not here 6 days later. Jamie from Coffs Harbour location was extremely helpful even in hunting down another package that wasn't from Toll Priority.
Very happy with the service provided will definitely get deliveries from them again!!!"

New South Wales


Going the extra kilometre

"I just want to say thanks to your toll driver Steve who went out of his way to deliver my records to my workplace yesterday 30th October. Steve arrived at my home in the morning and I was at work about 1km away, he kindly rang me and later on in the day delivered the records to my workplace. That's service."



Team effort delivering outstanding service

"Good afternoon, I have just earlier today picked an item up from your depot, 22 Hume Reserve Crt, North Geelong.
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was, from the moment (didn't catch her name) the lady met me at the side pick up gate and right through the process of picking up my item. The item was very heavy, and I only had my car, due to Melb. lockdown my son could not drive to help me. The box itself would not fit into my boot. The guys who forklifted it across to my car were a great help. The two guys then undid the box and lifted the item into my car and after quite some jiggling they secured it and made sure it fitted. The lady was so very helpful as well. Very polite and happy to help young staff. If you could please relay my extreme thanks, it was a pleasure to deal with them"



Making it easier for our customers

"Hi. As a store manager myself, I know far too well everyone is happy to put in a complaint about someone and never enough compliments. I would like to compliment my delivery driver the other day. Working crazy hours like I do, our delivery driver handled my package very well and hid it in a safe place and let me know by leaving a card. I’m very grateful I did not have to go to a depot to collect at a later date (usually I am never able to anyway and always require someone else to collect for me). The package did say authority to leave and it was nice they hid it and let me know by leaving a card in the mailbox.
I wish all delivery drivers were like the one I had the other day! (This week)"



Turning things around

"Today I visited the Toll site at the Airport. This is a very daunting site from a customer facing perspective to begin with. I tried to speak to a customer service agent via an intercom but he hung up on me as my request was complex. One of your staff members Daniel noticed I was having trouble and asked if he could assist me. I was very impressed with his attempts to help me and he didn't have to go out of his way because he appeared to be on a break. After a poor initial customer service interaction it was quickly turned around by Daniel and his offer to assist. Please pass on my thanks to Daniel"



End to end satisfaction

"The delivery was very fast, all the tracking worked perfectly, and the driver was extremely polite and all of this is wonderful.

Thank you kindly and best wishes to you all, great company!!"



Adding the extra detail

"Our drivers who delivered our new Fuji Xerox MFD's today and took away our old Canon MDF were very polite, helpful and easy to deal with. Their attention to detail in taking away all packaging and ensuring not only the devices were handled with care but also that no damage was caused to our property was greatly appreciated."



Doing Toll proud

"I have had a delivery from Officeworks this morning and this is the second time I have had this particular driver.
He would be one of the nicest, most polite, caring and respectful people I have had the pleasure to come in contact with, and as a home based business I see lots of couriers etc across any given week. I truly believe he is a great ambassador for your business and as such would like to acknowledge his great work.
Please be sure to commend him for his work ethics, he does your company proud!"


Accelerated Leadership Development Program

The Accelerated Leadership Development Program (ALD Program) is an exciting new initiative aimed at building future leaders in Global Express, providing clear pathways for professional growth and development through relevant on-the-job experiences and mentoring opportunities over a 3-4 year period.

Our FY21 pilot will see 6 highly talented candidates from across GE selected through a nominations process to participate in the ALD Program.

About Global Express

Global Express delivers a wide range of freight through our seamless network of road, rail, air and sea transportation. The freight we move can range from a single document or small parcels through to bulk commodities, time-sensitive medical freight and dangerous goods.