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Bridging the gap between Far and Middle East


Toll bridges the gap between Far and Middle East

When a large bridge expansion joint needed to be delivered to an engineering procurement construction (EPC) customer in the Middle East, we combined our experience in the region with efficient logistics to provide a solution.

The Challenge

In order to complete the construction of a bridge in Oman, the project’s engineers required a large component to be brought from Singapore to the site in Muscat.

The 10.5m-long bridge expansion joint needed to be secured in a large wooden crate before it could begin its journey – measuring 11.5 metres with a total weight of 5500 kilograms, this would be a challenging piece of cargo to transport.

As it would be travelling from Singapore into the Middle East, the freight would have to pass a series of region-specific customs clearance procedures in order to be delivered in a cost effective and timely manner.

The Solution

The Toll team in Dubai — the Middle Eastern hub for Toll’s global network — used its extensive experience providing logistics services in the region to plan the most effective route for the shipment.

Toll in Singapore arranged to have the crate loaded onto a 2 x 20 foot airline pallet and flown from Singapore to Sharjah International Airport. The teams oversaw all required processing steps to ensure it passed successfully through customs clearance.

The Toll team knew that in order to be transported from the UAE to Oman, the shipment would also need to obtain a Makasa stamp; a statistical bill of entry that is essential for foreign goods being exported to Gulf Cooperation Council Countries.

All necessary arrangements were made to ensure the Makasa customs process was executed quickly, enabling the shipment to continue on its journey without delay.

Toll then transferred the bridge extension joint to a heavy haulage trailer, and drove it 430km overland to the construction site.

Toll bridges the gap between Far and Middle East

The bridge expansion joint was transported in a large wooden crate – measuring 11.5 metres with a total weight of 5500 kilograms.

The Results

As a result of our in-depth knowledge of the diverse requirements involved in handling transit cargo in the Middle East, Toll was able to plan a direct transit route between Singapore and the Middle East, ensuring the successful and timely delivery of the bridge component.