At Toll, we believe that business is not measured purely in financial terms. We also believe that the way we go about achieving our success is as important as success itself.

We know the role of logistics within local communities is far-reaching - we understand that our use of human and natural resources in meeting our business needs impacts the people we work with, the communities we work in and the planet we inhabit.

While we’re committed to creating sustainable value, we’re also committed to expanding our business sustainably, with integrity and with respect for the communities we work in.

We are focused on contributing in a responsible and meaningful way to our people and our communities.

We recognise that as a good corporate citizen, with strong relationships across our communities, we have a role to play in making a difference to our people, our planet and our partnerships.

At Toll, we utilise our global network to support and promote initiatives that support happier, healthier and safer communities. As the largest professional road user in Australasia, it is only natural that we should play a role in making our roads safer. This is why we are particularly committed to supporting initiatives that improve road safety in our community.



Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds

Toll is founding sponsor and Board member of the Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds foundation. Healthy Heads was established to improve outcomes in areas relating to psychological safety and physical wellbeing across the road transport, warehousing and logistics industries in Australia. Mental health is an important issue for this sector due to long hours, workplace isolation, pressure, and operation of heavy machinery.

Healthy Heads supports mental health training, standardisation of policies and regulation at transport and logistics facilities and promotes wellness from a diet and mental health perspective. Recently, Healthy Heads launched a free National Mental Health and Wellbeing Roadmap for the sector. We are proud to support this organisation and its important work.


AIP Foundation

In Thailand, where travelling by motorcycle is a common way for parents to take their children to school, over 17,000 children and teenagers die each year from road crashes. Unsafe driving behaviors and poor infrastructure in school zones results in high-risk journeys for students to and from school.

Toll has a mission to decrease road crash casualties by providing safety interventions to road users. We partnered with the AIP Foundation to launch our Hauling Safety program. The program has been designed to support over teachers and students across two schools in Samutprakarn Province, Thailand.

Hauling Safety leverages school-based education campaigns to increase student and teacher knowledge of safe road behaviours, public awareness campaigns to promote community knowledge of road safety, and private sector volunteer engagement to encourage responsible investment in vulnerable communities.

Toll was proud to help deliver safety campaigns that educated more than 4,600 students and parents, trained 30 teachers to continue providing road safety education in their classrooms, and improved the physical road conditions at two target schools to protect students for generations to come.


Indigenous Engagement

As a global organisation, we recognise the important role that working in partnership with our Indigenous populations plays in building meaningful and trusted relationships.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement

In Australia, Toll aims to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia’s journey to reconciliation. For many years Toll has been engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia in relation to employment, training, procurement of business and in-kind support.

In 2012, we developed a national strategy to better acknowledge the role that first Australians play within our business, communities, suppliers, customers and the wider society. Since then, we have made many steps towards reconciliation, but we know the journey is not over.


Toll’s Reconciliation Action Plan

Toll has worked with and alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples throughout our long and proud history. At Toll, we recognise that the nature of our business means that we play an important role towards a reconciled Australia. Every day, our people travel across the lands of many different Traditional Owners and the diverse nature of our work means that we can positively influence the outcomes for these communities.

The release of Toll’s 2020-2022 Reconciliation Action Plan formally recognises the part that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have played in our business, as employees, customers, suppliers and communities throughout our history.


Polly Farmer Foundation Partnership

In December 2020 we partnered with the Graham Polly Farmer Foundation, which empowers young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to achieve academic success and engage positively in their education. The Foundation currently delivers 48 educational enrichment programs, providing support to over 1900 students.

Toll provides opportunities for students to identify further educational and employment opportunities by supporting excursions, health and wellbeing workshops, site visits and career camps.

Despite the challenges of COVID, the Foundation still managed to deliver 12 health and wellbeing workshops to over 220 ‘Follow the Dream’ students in Western Australia, through the Toll Group and BHP partnership.


Cultural Diversity in New Zealand

The role of Tangata Whenua (Māori) form a cornerstone in cultural leadership and understanding in our New Zealand operations. Toll leadership has for many years understood that Māori, Pasifika, Asian and other Pakeha cultures flourish well in partnership with each other when their cultural beliefs and tolerances are recognised, engrained and integral to how we do business. For more than 7 years, Toll, together with Kiwirail, has been operating Te Kupenga Mahi (workplace network), providing cadetships and supporting employment opportunities for Māori communities across the Toll business.


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