Meet our people

Our people enjoy diverse challenges and deliver what really matters. See how they make meaningful impact, bringing their broad experiences and talents together as part of our globally inclusive culture. It’s about being connected to colleagues, customers and communities.

Dharshini Looi, Senior Operations Manager

“To work at Toll allows you to experience shared positivity and a sense of belonging. Our cohesive team means you have someone to depend on and make things happen. Everyone is a contributor.”

Mohamad Saiful, Customer Service Team Leader

“At the end of the day, I know I have become stronger through working at Toll. I know that I will always have support from leaders and team members while I’m here.”

Begoña del Pilar Castelló Morales, Vice President PMO & Standardization

“As someone that loves processes, Toll offers me solid ground for growth. When I look to the future I’m very, very excited about what’s happening in this company and the broader shipping and logistics industry. We’re mapping strategies with incredible plans for what’s ahead.”

Camilia Teo, Marketing Communications Manager

“Our marketing communications team is a collaborative team that looks out for one another. We enjoy putting our heads together to come up with new ideas and support each other’s campaigns.”

Ajay Gopal, Graduate

“I studied Engineering and what I loved most at Toll was the problem-solving aspects and seeing the different parts of a global business – big and small.”

Amy Yin, Business Advisor

“I really enjoyed being on exchange as I like to try new things. In New Zealand I got a chance to do all sorts of activities for the first time and really enjoyed experiencing a different way of life…