Toll Energy & Marine Logistics

Toll Energy & Marine Logistics provides scalable logistics and project management solutions to oil and gas customers, supporting on-shore and off-shore energy operations.

With a strong focus on developing customised solutions that meet the ever changing needs of our customers in the energy sector, we combine our extensive experience in the industry with strategically located facilities to provide agile logistics solutions for oil and gas projects – from exploration to production, construction and drilling.

Toll Energy & Marine Logistics - Overview

From specialised marine logistics to infield project support services, we provide comprehensive offshore and onshore solutions to the energy sector.

Scope of services

Our diverse service offering combines marine and shore side solutions for oil and gas projects – for exploration through to production phases.

Vessel capability

From LCT vessels to specialised multi-purpose vessels, we use our extensive ocean fleet to support our customers’ offshore oil and gas operations.

Where we operate

We have strategically located supply base and warehouse facilities that enable us to provide support to our customers where they need it most.