Move to MyToll

We are replacing Toll Lite and Toll Connect with MyToll

MyToll will replace the Toll Lite (TL) and Toll Connect (TC) systems in 2019. MyToll is our new digital platform providing you with access to the same services and shipping solutions as you currently use on Toll Lite and Toll Connect.

On MyToll today, you can track and create shipments, book pickups, order labels and satchels, perform rate enquiries, create returns and more.

What do you need to do?

We know that making the transition to a new system is not easy and we have tried to make it as simple as possible for you. Register on MyToll today. Download the self-help guide for instructions.



We are also here to help! There is a dedicated MyToll support team to assist you. Please provide us with information about your business by completing one of the forms below.

I need assistance moving from Toll Lite

I need assistance moving from Toll Connect

Services and Solutions available on MyToll

Available today

  • Create a shipment
  • Save shipment as a draft
  • Create a shipment for multiple receivers
  • Create a Dangerous Goods shipment
  • Bulk create shipments
  • Add shipments to open or new manifests
  • Integrate with MyToll through APIs: shipments, manifests, events and notifications, returns, rate enquiry, POD, track and trace
  • Order Auswide satchels -1, 3, 5kg
  • Print labels and manifests
  • Create a return shipment
  • Bulk create returns
  • Book a pickup
  • Real-time track shipments
  • View Proof of Delivery
  • Order IPEC stationery
  • Real-time rate enquiry
  • Transit time enquiry
  • Create and manage templates
  • Add and manage contacts
  • Set notification preferences
  • Customise default settings
  • Thermal label printing
  • View invoices

Explore the move to MyToll

Follow the steps below to view instructions and additional information.


Step 1: Extract data from your Toll system

Download your current address book and other data from your current Toll system in excel format.  Several formatting changes need to be applied for this information to be compatible with MyToll.

Select your current Toll system to download the relevant Data Guide:

Step 2: Have your Toll carrier accounts numbers ready
You can find these details on your past invoices.

Move to MyToll

Step 1:  Register and add Toll carrier account(s)

You must first register, create a user profile and add Toll carrier account(s) to get started on MyToll. You can begin creating shipments once you receive confirmation that the account is authorised on MyToll.

  1. Register
  2. Complete some basic information on your user profile
  3. Add Toll carrier account(s)

Step 2: Configure your profile settings

MyToll offers a wide range of options to help reduce repetitive data entry, improve accuracy and increase transaction speed by customising and saving frequently used information to your MyToll profile.

  1. Set notification preferences
  2. Add contacts (address book)
  3. Create templates
  4. Configure user settings


Start using MyToll

Congratulations, you are set to start using MyToll!

Take a moment to familiarise yourself with creating a shipment on MyToll

Before you create your first shipment, ensure you have the correct shipping labels

MyToll uses an industry standard 6x4” or 100x150mm label

You can order a range of Toll Priority and IPEC carrier shipping labels, stickers and satchels on MyToll. For all other Toll carriers, you will need to call 131 821 (option 2)

Create a shipment
Select the Toll carrier, service required, enter sender and receiver details before adding items to create an electronic record of what you want to send. Create shipments for a single delivery or batch create for multiple destinations.

Book a pickup

Book a pick up from the manifest or immediately after creating a shipment. You can also book a pick up as a 3rd party.

Track and trace and download a Proof of Delivery
Watch the status of a shipment across any Toll carrier on any device. You can view shipment details and download Proof of Delivery documents.