Mohamad Saiful, Customer Service Team Leader

“At the end of the day, I know I have become stronger through working at Toll. I know that I will always have support from leaders and team members while I’m here.”

Toll has been an outstanding employer to work for. I approached the company at a time when I really wanted to be challenged by something new. I started in the customer service team to gain experience and grow my problem-solving skills. Now as a team leader, I manage my team, complete quality checking, prepare business reviews and facilitate team meetings to ensure our group remains connected - especially when they’re working remotely. My team is like a family, so I try to find time and ways to bond not only at work but also outside of it. This can sometimes involve organising fun events, like bowling, laser tag or just arranging presents if one in our team celebrates a milestone such as getting married.

Leading a team is also about supporting people when they’re having a hard time. If I’m aware someone in my team is having a bad day, I’ll check in with them one-on-one to see how they’re doing and how I might be able to help. As the oldest in the team, I find most team members appreciate my advice and coaching. As a leader, it can be challenging to give everyone my time when I am very busy, but I always aim to be approachable and am pleased when people seek me out.

One event we have all enjoyed together at work is known as Quality Week. As part of that all the team leaders got together to create a fun, but important, video. It was an educational video based around do’s and don’ts, but we wanted to make it fun and engaging. With a short turnaround time we had to work together and some long hours to get it done. Our manager was so pleased with the result he’s promised to take the team out for dinner! 

While I’m currently a finance team leader, my ultimate goal is to become a finance manager. Whilst my background is legal I do have a keen interest and passion for numbers. Whenever we all go out to eat and it’s time to split the bill everyone will look at me to work out the split.

Along the way, I’ve been supported to expand my knowledge and skills. I’ve had training around excellence and leadership as well as finance specific training which has involved the other team leaders. I’ve learned about accounts, had the opportunity to move teams, and all the while made progress and broadened my knowledge.

“It’s a friendly, global culture where you can face a range of different challenges daily. Even when they’re big issues that need solving, you have others who are open and willing to help you.”