Camilia Teo, Marketing Communications Manager

“Our marketing communications team is a collaborative team that looks out for one another. We enjoy putting our heads together to come up with new ideas and support each other’s campaigns.”

When I look back on what I’ve achieved since joining Toll, I’m very proud of the amplification we’ve given to Asia-specific content across our communication channels. It’s allowed everyone to see how global we truly are and change perspectives of the group.

I’m responsible for managing the Asia Marketing Communications Plan, which involves strategising and working on steps to achieve our marketing objectives. As part of that, content writing is important. I am involved with gathering stories and editing them specifically for Toll Asia. This can include producing material for our group-wide internal newsletter and our LinkedIn page, along with video content. We also host webinars and manage webpage content and updates. A lot of work goes into those webinar events – it’s never a one-person behind the screen. We work as a team to prepare emails, agendas, invite guest speakers, test everything works and create infographics, as well as the content that will flow through to our webpage and social media.

Now we have at least 50% more Asian content in channels that include LinkedIn, our webpage and our internal newsletter. This means our global employees and customers get to see and hear content that not only shows our global reach, but also recognises the efforts of our people. It’s exciting to see the results when it generates more interest and enquiry from existing and potential clients.

If I needed to single out the two most appealing things about working here, I’d say it’s the team of people I work with, and the opportunities. I’m very fortunate to be part of a team that bonds, respects and shares in ways that allows us to perform and deliver so well. We are a diverse organisation with a melting pot of cultures and perspectives. This is a role has allowed me to learn about the various cultures and people, their backgrounds and personal experiences. I’ve just had a call with a Chinese colleague in our China team who is helping to prepare for an internal talent competition. And, I’ve also had the opportunity to interview an Indian colleague who is a Malaysian, works in Singapore and speaks English, Tamil, Malay, some Hindi and Chinese. My work with Toll has taken me to Western Australia as well, where we met a few of our Indigenous colleagues in various roles and even got to speak with the Traditional Owner of the local area whom we were working with to prepare for an event at the time.

Being part of a great team gives me motivation. I know I can push through because I have people around me whom I can fall back on when needed. As part of that, my direct manager has played a very big role in the opportunities that I have been able to expand upon. I look forward to continuing my journey with Toll as we build our presence in Asia and possibly even grow local marketing communications teams in various key locations in future.

“Toll is very diverse both culturally and through expertise. You’ll find people with very specialised skills and many that speak a range of languages that reflects the depth and breadth of our organisation.”