Begoña del Pilar Castelló Morales, Vice President PMO & Standardization

“As someone that loves processes, Toll offers me solid ground for growth. When I look to the future I’m very, very excited about what’s happening in this company and the broader shipping and logistics industry. We’re mapping strategies with incredible plans for what’s ahead.”

I’m a Pisces by star sign, so maybe I was born for shipping. Since the age of twenty, it’s what I’ve known and worked for.

I began working on liners and really loved it. As liners became more and more integrated with logistics, I became a lot more interested in how freight forwarding worked. Joining Toll was a natural progression merging my interest in logistics and along with values and a culture that I found very attractive. I also really liked their operating model.

Before joining Toll, I had never experienced such a strong commitment to safety. It’s something Toll do incredibly well and are very serious about. They look out for you and want you to be safe. People really care if you are exposed to any potential danger and that’s really ingrained here. You feel it the moment you join – the strong safety culture is part of our DNA.

I’m really proud of the process improvements we are focusing at Toll. The company is very innovative, and we’re encouraged to find better ways of doing things. I embarked on the standardisation project that will streamline our operational and finance processes. This will bring improvements and consistency in our service levels across geographies as well as reduce process complexity and improve governance, allowing our teams to deliver a great customer experience and cultivate a continuous improvement culture.

I find the collaboration and supportive culture of the company creates a feeling of belonging and an inclusive environment to work in. Collaboration is key to everything. For me it starts with cohesiveness, what makes the team to stick together and remain united towards a common goal and knowing the style of personality and strengths of each team member to ensure effective communication and balance.

I really enjoy that no one day is the same and I’m in a role and area that I’m really passionate about. To be successful in your own way at Toll, I think integrity in everything you do is key. Be innovative and don’t be afraid to express what you think. While coming up with ideas, share them and be open about it. As much as you learn – you must share. The more information you don’t keep to yourself, the better things can work for both you and your colleagues in a team.