Amy Yin, Business Advisor

“I really enjoyed being on exchange as I like to try new things. In New Zealand I got a chance to do all sorts of activities for the first time and really enjoyed experiencing a different way of life.”

My introduction to Toll started in one of the least likely places. It wasn’t in a job interview or an office, but on a train. I was studying at the time and on the trip home, I had begun talking regularly with a senior Toll Manager who was doing the same course. During those regular conversations, he mentioned to me that location-wise, the office for Toll was not far away from me, walking distance in fact. With the school’s summer holidays coming up they suggested becoming an intern. I said, “Why not?!”

Right from the start, working for Toll has provided me with some really fulfilling life experiences. For example, a couple of years ago I was given the opportunity to take part in a ‘work exchange’ where I went to work for Toll in New Zealand. Three of us were fortunate enough to take the trip from China, and we were put together in the same office, which made things much easier. It was great to have someone familiar with you to share in the experience.

The time I had there was enjoyable both professionally and personally. I stayed with a very welcoming family who I remain friends with to this day. During my time at Toll New Zealand I looked after one of their top accounts. At the time it was fantastic to be exposed to a frontline role as previously I had been working largely in supporting functions. In my new responsibilities I was able to build a lot of trust with my client, and as a result received a lot of positive feedback. Once I returned to China, the customer requested that I continue looking after their business remotely, which continued for another two years. It’s great to be appreciated for what you do. It’s been very gratifying.

Giving back to communities is something I am very passionate about and Toll has been supportive of that. For example, I led an event called MAD (Making A Difference) across the global freight business raising funds for schools in rural provinces. We raised enough money to assist a school in Sichuan to update their building, purchase books, sporting equipment and a laptop and projector. A few years later I ran a second event to assist children with autism in Chuzhou, Anhui. When you assist others, I sincerely believe you’re also helping yourself. You’re making others feel fantastic as well as yourself. I think we can all channel our energies for good, and Toll helps me to make that happen and encourages others to be a part of it as well.

“Trying different things and growing as a person are really important to me. I am always keen to explore the next opportunity. Many of them, I have found right here at Toll.”