Sumeet Jaisinghani, Senior Vice President, Centre Of Excellence

“Last year I participated in the Harvard Leadership program. It’s helped me enhance my time management and project-based skills. It felt good to be included, working with a select group of 30 participants, and to learn so much was terrific.”

It’s exciting to work across borders with different cultures. It’s something that’s always interested me. I joined Toll after being in the Shared Services industry for a while, working across the US, UK and Philippines, travelling in and out while based in India. Currently I’m working closely with employees in Penang, Malaysia and Shanghai, China. I have three direct reports and being a part of the Centre of Excellence and developing it for Toll has been a real drawcard. We’ve been given a mandate to implement systems with a high level of governance and that’s something that we’re taking right across the globe with Toll. You’re involved in a constant range of reviews and discussions with business partners and internal stakeholders. Around everything from offshoring opportunities in Global Forwarding through to new technology that embraces IT, Financial Systems, Robotics and a lot more. It’s a highly varied role.

Working in Asia is very fast paced and you have to be adaptable. The style of leadership you take on has to match different local perspectives and that’s been of great interest to me. You learn a great deal, including how different countries operate, their governance, systems and policies. Beyond that there’s also the mindset of the people. It challenges how you perceive things and changes how you think – keeping you on your feet. What worked a few years ago doesn’t any more. You have to move with it.

To clear my head I like to start up my motorcycle out of hours and go riding. I’m very passionate about it and am part of a Harley Davidson owners group. It gives me a good balance between the personal and professional, and I get to catch up with friends and new riders as well. One of my favourite tours is 10 hours long. It takes you through 600 kilometres through to the beach city of Goa. I really enjoy the discipline of it, regardless of whether you’re riding in a group and looking out for each other or heading down the road alone. I’m never scared on a ride if I was to breakdown, as you’re part of a community. As a motorcyclist, you know other riders will stop to help you and vice versa.

Just like many of the rides I take, it’s all about working with others. Collaboration is what makes what we do in the Centre of Excellence worthwhile, and keeps us on our toes and stay innovative. We’re here to help customers save costs, through better services and automation. Assisting people so they can look after their core business. With our service area taking in 25 different countries, and with over 100+ kpis to manage, we depend on each other and work very closely. We perform well in each country by being very transparent and visible and maintaining high standards of governance. It’s something we do exceedingly well.