Nick Giokaris, Regional HR Operations Manager

“The ability to build trust as a leader I see as all-important. You need to be genuine, and have an open heart. That way people feel safe that your intentions are positive.”

At Toll, no two days are the same. The variety, scope of roles, activities, industries, opportunities and challenges are constantly changing. That’s because as an organisation we are too. In my Group role, across all Divisions and Corporate functions I enjoy exposure to industries and people that you’d normally never get the chance to meet – there’s a multitude of workplaces. You are working with anyone from engineers in Toll Helicopters to people leaders in Mining. From time to time I’ll also get involved in training teams within Industrials or Groceries, among other areas. Those are just examples, but it does demonstrate the variety of work we take part in here which makes Toll such a dynamic place to work.

In my role I support other leaders and our people through organisational change as a trusted HR partner. Sometimes that involves difficult conversations. Whatever the situation on the day it’s about maintaining integrity. When you see something isn’t right you need to have the courage to call it out. In this position you really contribute to the broader team and purpose. I’m particularly proud of the work we’ve achieved in supporting our leadership teams in driving a high-performance culture at work.

We are such a diverse group. There’s no typical ‘Toll person’, but to be successful here, I’d have to say it’s about having an adaptable, open mindset. When you’re willing to learn, and have that hunger to improve and do things better, that’s where the true opportunities lie. Resilience is also really important given our environment and the world in which we operate, as well as being able to work well in a team collaboratively and productively regardless of the personalities you’re alongside. And that’s something we do really well here. There’s a real camaraderie among our people and the strong bonds they share – across each local area are quite unique. You’ll find Toll’s people are very approachable and down to earth everywhere you go despite the size of the organisation. Yet we all work hard!

To lead well here I believe it’s all about building trust without an agenda, as well as being constructive and genuine in your management style as well as supportive. I enjoy building effective teams. Building trust within a group of people so they work as one team is something I thrive on.