Danielle Selth, IT Solutions Lead

“One thing I’ve learnt about myself while working at Toll is I love hands-on project work. For me it’s the thrill of solving problems and helping people. It is a great place to achieve this.”

My role is in IT, but people are often surprised to discover I don’t have an IT background. For me the human aspect is key - helping people. Our Solutions Team assist the Global Forwarding Division with specific IT Product questions. That means a lot of interactions internally with stakeholders and externally with customers. All my roles have been customer focused. Each day I’m educating people and helping them quickly with challenges they have. I really love it.

Right now is a great time to be joining Toll in my part of the IT area. We’ve recently decommissioned a lot of older platforms and moved to contemporary technology suites. That’s had a very positive impact and reduced a lot of costs for the business. It’s also meant you can focus your energy on a clean slate; working across new platforms, projects and continuously improving and being more proactive. On completion anyone will be able to walk in and understand our infrastructure and applications, minus the complexity. Shortly we’ll be completely finished in that area and I can’t wait! It’s something we’re very proud of.

To be an effective leader at Toll and anywhere, communication is really important. As well as leading by example. Small things can make a difference. For example we’ve got a lot of work on, but I try not to send emails beyond a certain time. It’s about working smarter and along the way being transparent and accountable in your approaches. That’s really important. By being honest and following through on what you say with what you do, you build trust. For me I’m also a naturally curious person – I think that’s a good thing, as it means you have a willingness to learn, ask questions and discover new ways to solve. I love solving problems particularly when the outcome is helping people. IT is a good place to solve problems.

To be successful at Toll I think you have to love what you do and have that passion. If you’re good at connecting with people, and making important relationships with your key stakeholders you’ll uncover the best opportunities. It’s about taking an interest, listening and not just seeing something and letting it go. If you identify something to fix, it’s better to highlight it so things can be improved.

When I’m not at work I love running and try to do it daily. I have a Cavoodle ‘Gus’ who sometimes joins me. As I run I tend to plan next steps and it can also be quite meditative. My preferred spot is down the coast from the city of Melbourne. I tend to run 2kms along the beach. It’s a great way to unpack the day.