Employee stories - Video

Alex Hanley - Operations Services Manager

“I feel engaged with the work that I do, and I want to put everything I can into it. It’s easy to do that when the challenges you take on really matter. I see the items that we are delivering in my day to day life, so it’s quite easy to understand why it is important to our customers that they arrive safely and on time.”

Andrew Jones - Senior Manager, Speciality Retail

“I feel really lucky to have such a great team. Everybody brings something special to the team, they bring their backgrounds, their experience, their ideas. When that all comes together that’s what makes a great team. It’s the thing that I am most proud of, the culture we have in our team.”

Sebastian Albertella - Value Added Service Manager Australia & New Zealand

“I have been with Toll for almost 10 years and have experienced a number of changes. These changes have created the role I am in now and has given me new opportunities to grow. I believe in mentoring and coaching others to grow within the business, it is part of my legacy.”

Preya Sharavanan - Manager Financial Governance & Controls

“The people I work with are creative and are team players. I have always enjoyed working with them because we are able to have honest conversations that challenge me and brings out the best in me. Do you like challenges? Come work for Toll.”

Jihad Zein - Head of Governance, Risk & Assurance - Group IT

“If you want to grow, Toll will provide you with the opportunities to grow. But you need to own your own development agenda and the company will support you. I’ve always challenged my team to create possibilities for growth and I believe Toll has provided them the conditions to succeed.”

Esra Mettoglu - Senior Manager, Interchange

“Being part of the project team that helped deliver the highly automated Retail Fulfilment Centre in Prestons is definitely a highlight in my career. We are always looking for opportunities to improve our customer service, whether it’s investing in system changes or new innovations.”

Dita Tsaliagos - Senior Operations Officer

“The people I work with are really committed to their jobs and we have the support from each other. The core values of every staff member is to help and to save people. I am very proud to be in a position where I contribute to saving people.”

Brenton Watson - Senior Manager, CRM & Marketing

“What surprised me when I first started is how easy it is to progress, skill yourself up within the business and grow. As a business, we continue to innovate and change. Our recent implementation into a Cloud-based platform has changed the way we do things, allowing us to get a 360° view and provide better customer service.”