From competitive salaries, bonus schemes, flexible working options and service awards, at Toll you will feel valued not just for your skills but for the whole person you bring to work.

Competitive Salary

Enjoy a market competitive salary and benefits that match our local markets and regulatory compliance. The salary you receive is reviewed annually according to your experience level and based on market and merit.

Benefits Program

Tailored to your work location you can receive benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, pension or superannuation plans as well as novated leasing as part of your remuneration package. We also offer local discounts on services and work with key customers to offer a range of special benefits for our employees.    

Rewards and Recognition

We reward our people through variable performance bonus schemes, business recognition and service awards. We have Toll recognition programs held monthly and which focusses on the outstanding achievements our people make towards our colleagues, customers and communities.

Flexible working

While every role at Toll is different, so is every employee. Which is why flexibility is important to balance work and home life. We trust our employees as professionals and aim to create a sense of belonging and connectedness wherever you are working. Where it is agreed with your manager that your role can be performed remotely, you can do so on average 2-3 days per week. Naturally, frontline operational positions and junior roles (where collaboration and face-to-face supervision is important for growth and development) provide fewer remote work opportunities. However, we’re always open to your suggestions as to what will work well for you. At every step we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Learning and Development

Depending on your chosen area and position, you can explore and take part in a range of learning and development programs and initiatives. At Toll we are passionate about learning and encourage you to tap into the technical, professional and leadership development courses and learning resources we offer.

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