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At Toll, we do more than just logistics - we move the businesses that move the world. In Thailand, we provide logistics services across sectors that include consumer and retail, healthcare, automotive, chemicals and industrials. Connected to 25 markets globally, there are countless opportunities to learn and make a real impact in shaping our industry’s future. Grow with diverse challenges amongst a friendly and inclusive global culture. Take pride in building relationships that matter, because being connected is at the centre of what makes Toll great – it’s what makes our possibilities endless.

Toll Thailand operations

Toll operates 15 warehouse sites, 9 open yards, 2 offices in Thailand, managing transport to over 38,000 drop-points. Our services include warehousing (including free trade zone and returns warehousing), inbound transport, time sensitive/multi-drop distribution, yard management, vehicle and parts storage and distribution, cross-border trucking, customs clearance, 4PL management, SC consulting, and value-added services.


Employees 850+

Key Infrastructure Warehousing 69,677

Fleet size 300+ trucks, trailers, and prime movers

Our typical roles
  • Warehouse Operator
  • Truck Helper
  • Forklift Driver
  • Account Payable Officer
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Working at Toll Thailand

English transcript

I have been working here for 15 years having the chance to engage with brothers and sisters with the same passion. I can feel the warmth and the family atmosphere here. I receive a lot of opportunities from this place since I began to work here.

The company gives me the opportunity to spend time and develop my skills aboard until I become a part of the management team here. Hi, I’m Rodsak Kongsakul an Operation Manager at TOLL. The culture I have been taught since working here is to work as a team.

This is the team that everyone gets to share their ideas and skills for the benefit of the organization so that everyone can be a part of providing solutions to the organization so employees can see how successful each solution is. We have the opportunity to try things under the observation by management team along with the help from them any time needed.

We begin each day by meeting up every morning. This is so that everyone can understand the thought and feeling of one another and can exchange updates in each day including acknowledgement of any issue at work. By this, we can set a specific focus on certain aspect that we want to be active on. Safety culture is our utmost emphasis. We believe that everyone has to come home safe and everyone deserves to be able to be back with their loved ones and those that wait for them at home. With safety culture in our organization, everyone has the duty to speakup, inform and warning their colleagues when any work is under potential risk. This is because we care for each other.

To work here at Toll, apart from being able to learn from the work you do, you also have the change to talk to the management team to set your career path for the timespan of three to five years so you can expect what you would like to learn to prepare for future career path. After which, you will be invited to participate in different projects that you are interested under the supervision by personnel development team. They will coordinate and assist you along the way. Come and be a part of our family. You will be proud to be in Toll’s family.

Thank you



English transcript

Hi, I’m Posawat Srisan, Transport Control Room Manager. Now it is my third year working at Toll. I want to take this opportunity to share my experience working at Toll as a global business entity.

Firstly, Toll gives everyone the opportunity to express their thoughts and believes that every opinion from employee of all levels is equally important. It can help develop the company and would be beneficial to employees as they get to learn to analyze and think systematically.

Next, Toll is very resilient and systematic. Working process here is not complex so employees and the company can improve very fast. Another opportunity you would receive is if you invented something new and our leaders or management team see that it would benefit other department, you would have a chance to lead the project which you can develop your skills related to communication, presentation and get to learn to express yourself or even becoming a leader.

Working at Toll gives me so much experience and I believe that everyone can take this opportunity to develop themselves and grow with the company. Thank you.