Alysha Ali, 2018 Toll Graduate


At Toll, we believe in creating a safe, positive and sustainable difference for our people. We care and want our people to go home physically and mentally safe at the end of each day, which is why we focus on wellbeing as well as safety across our organisation. Our global workforce is diverse in nature and we work hard to reap the benefits that an inclusive workforce brings in developing stronger connections across our communities, with our customers and informing us to make better business decisions.


At Toll, Safety continues to be a priority as we work towards creating a workplace free of incidents and injuries. Our Incident and Injury Free Workshops and resources and our Safety Obsessions principles are just some of the ways that we support our employees to lead a culture of safety as our number one priority.  Learn more about our commitment to safety here.


Diversity and Inclusion

As a multinational organisation, our workforce is inherently diverse. Our people have varying cultural and ethnic backgrounds, have had varied life experiences and represent unique talents and perspectives. We know that flexibility supports our people to balance their work and life commitments, which is why we work with our people to support a way of working that best suits them, in-line with our business requirements.

As reflected in our Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy we embrace diversity in all its forms, and focus on employing the best person for the job regardless of cultural, ethnic or religious background, sexuality, disability, or family circumstances.

Some of our current areas of focus for our diversity and inclusion program including the Women in Toll (WiT) program, supporting greater flexibility across our business and our Indigenous Program.


Toll’s wellbeing program supports our employees in two ways – proactive support; supporting our people to maintain good wellbeing, and responsive reaction; providing immediate support during periods of difficulty or after critical incidents.

Our proactive wellbeing initiatives are focused on both physical and mental wellbeing. We recognise that one in five people are dealing with mental health problems in any one year which is why our Mental health First Aid Officers and training ensure that mental health is understood, supported and managed in our workplace. In addition to this, our Suicide Awareness Program supports all employees to recognise the signs of those at risk of suicide. Our Working Well @ Toll publication in a monthly publication which promotes good health to all employees and we are soon launching a new app, WellteQ which will promote physical and mental wellness to our employees.

Despite our proactive approach, we know that at times, our employees need us to be there for them. That is why we have face to face Employee Support and Chaplaincy  available for individuals and their families during critical incidents. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) also provides support via various means including phone, online resources and face to face meetings to help during times of difficulty. 

Pathways Programs

Cadetship and Traineeships

Toll is proud to provide various trainee and cadetship programs across the Toll network. From working in the maritime industry through to warehousing, driving through to construction, Toll offers a variety of cadet and traineeship options to support our business, our community and our customers.

Graduate Program

Toll’s Graduate Program offers young professionals an opportunity to launch their careers within the logistics industry and further develop their leadership skills across our global network.

To find out more about Toll’s Graduate Program, please click here.