Jean Vaccari

Jean Vaccari - where are they now

What did you study and why?

I initially studied Pharmacy then studied Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Sydney University. I find the combination of chemistry and physics fascinating.


Where are you now?

I have rolled off into Toll’s Group Transformation, Strategy, Mergers and Acquisition Team as a Senior Transformation Analyst. I am very happy where I am and my team.

Since starting with the team, I have had the chance to work closely with the HR, IT, Sales and Finance Team. I also had brief interactions with Legal, Audit, Communications as well as almost every other team.


What is your role?

Part of my role is preparing materials being presented to our Global Leadership team as well as our Australian and Japan Post board regularly. The material we provide informs our leaders when rendering strategic decisions for our company – at this level, the quality of work must be impeccable.

My current role has given me exposure to various part of the business and i get to work with highly-experienced leaders.


What is your fondest memory of the grad program?

Where do I start? Let’s just go straight to the end and say the graduation day after 2 years! It was an unexpected event with everyone there including Michael Byrne and Toll’s Global Leadership Team as well as the new graduates.


What advice would you give to graduates who are just commencing the program?

Take advantage of the rotational program especially the operations. I spent half of my graduate programme within the operations but felt after ‘graduating’ I should have immersed myself more. Remember, once graduated, you lose the liberty of being able to move around and learn as part of your job.