GFT - Toll's global finance transformation

Important changes to Toll’s Global Express invoicing.

At Toll we’re on a journey to improve your customer experience, and make it simpler and faster for our customers to do business with us. To achieve this vision, in May 2019, we will be upgrading our global finance system (to Oracle).

This upgrade will bring changes to the way we work with our Global Express customers across Australia. These changes include a new look invoice format, a new customer helpdesk number, a new (Oracle) customer account number, new Toll bank account details and your payment due date also clearly displayed.

We’re looking forward to bringing you a simpler, easier to read invoice, supported by a single telephone number for all your billing inquiry needs.

Changes from May, 2019

We’re updating your invoices

Your invoices will look different!  

We have provided an example of Toll’s new look transport invoice below.

The information displayed on the invoice you receive will be based on the nature of services provided to you by Toll Group. The example provided above is a transport invoice, however, depending on the nature of services provided, there may be some variances. For example, a shipping service invoice will have additional information displayed.


We will supply you with a new Customer Account Number

You will notice that these invoices include a new Customer Account Number. This number is provided from Toll’s new finance system (Oracle). When making enquiries with our support team, please use this Oracle Customer Account number so we can better assist you. The billing account numbers that appear on your current invoices will remain unchanged, and will be listed under the heading ‘Trading Account Number’ on the line item invoice provided, (please refer to the PDF example above).


We will supply you with a new Toll BSB and Toll bank account number

We will be using a new BSB and Toll bank account number to receive customer payments from May onwards. These new account details will be printed on your new invoice from May, 2019. As soon as you receive your new bank account details, please update your payment system so you can continue to make payments to us.


New customer helpdesk number

From May, 2019 you can call: 1800 188 655 for billing enquiries and support. This new contact number will be printed on your invoice(s) from May, 2019.

We’re here to help

We understand that you may well want to verify that this is an authentic request from Toll. To give you peace of mind, you can check out more information by accessing any of the following:

  • Call your account representative
  • email [email protected]
  • Call 1800 188 655 for more detailed or technical information about these changes