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Toll collaborates with Zebra Technologies to test drive productivity gains

Toll Global Logistics, Toll Group’s specialist contract logistics division, is working with US-based enterprise asset intelligent solutions company Zebra Technologies to trial its latest innovation in warehouse mobile computer technology.

“Innovation and continuous improvement are key strategic drivers for our business globally,” said Chris Pearce, Chief Executive Officer of Toll Global Logistics. “Collaborations like our pilot with Zebra’s mobile computer technology are central to our commitment to using innovation to drive efficiencies and operational agility for better customer solutions.”

The technology put to the test was Zebra’s new TC8000 mobile touch computer. Specifically designed to significantly boost productivity in the warehouse, the TC8000 can be used for picking, replenishment, packing and shipping, inventory management and warehouse management. Importantly, its innovative lightweight and ergonomic design means it can be easily carried and used by warehouse workers.

“We’ve worked with users around the globe to completely re-think, re-design and re-engineer industrial mobile computers,” said Zebra’s senior technical director Wayne Harper. “The aim of the TC8000 is to drive significant gains in productivity and visibility as well as reduce worker fatigue.”

About the pilot

Toll Global Logistics chose its Customised Solutions business unit to test the TC8000. Specialising in purpose-built warehousing and customised warehousing solutions, its Altona warehouse in Melbourne, Australia, provided a demanding real-world operating environment for this pilot.

TC8000 mobile computers were trialled by four separate users over the course of one month. Team members used the devices to complete real warehouse orders under a pick and scan process.

The results

At the end of the trial, a rapid and substantial improvement in overall scanning speed and accuracy was reported, with a significant improvement in pick rate.

Gavin Norman, Head of Commercial & Program Management at Customised Solutions, said the warehouse team at Altona provided very positive feedback about the improved scanning speed, quick response and the portability and weight of the TC8000 units.

“The end result saw a significant improvement in productivity while reducing muscle effort and worker fatigue for our team members,” he said.

Toll Global Logistics is now assessing opportunities to use the innovative TC8000 mobile computer and other complementary sensor-based warehouse technologies across more Toll sites, including Toll City, its major new regional distribution centre currently under construction in Singapore.

“Toll City is being built specifically for agility and will make full use of cutting edge technology, so we’re fully committed to trialling the newest advances like the TC8000,” said Marc Baumback, Toll City’s Programme Director. “By collaborating with industry innovators like Zebra, we’re making sure we stay ahead of even the most sophisticated business needs of our customers.”


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