AIP Foundation and Toll Group announce launch of Hauling Safety program to keep children safe on their journeys to and from school in Thailand

AIP Foundation has partnered with Toll to launch a new Hauling Safety program in Thailand, aimed at supporting communities in tackling high-risk journeys for students travelling to and from school through quality safety education and equipment for students, parents, and community members.


In Thailand, where travelling by motorcycle is a common way for parents to take their children to school, unsafe driving behaviors and poor infrastructure in school zones results in high-risk journeys for students to and from school. Traffic data collected by law enforcement and the Public Health Ministry of Thailand found that an average of over 17,000 children and teenagers in Thailand die each year from road crashes.

The Hauling Safety program seeks to promote safer journeys to and from school to protect young children from preventable injury or death while traveling on the roads. The program leverages school-based education campaigns to increase student and teacher knowledge of safe road behaviors, public awareness campaigns to promote community knowledge of road safety, and private sector volunteer engagement to encourage responsible investment in vulnerable communities.

In line with our mission to decrease road crash casualties by providing safety interventions to road users, the new Hauling Safety program has been specially designed to support over 50 teachers and 1,000 students across two schools in Samutprakarn Province, Thailand over the coming year.



The two schools selected for the 2020-2021 program year are Anubankhehabangplee School and Wat Sao Thong Nok School. The selection was guided by the local government and based on risk-assessment surveys which demonstrated the school and communities’ need for a comprehensive safety intervention. Both target schools are located in high-traffic areas with poor road infrastructure, attributing to a higher road safety risk for their students and teachers. The tailored road safety education campaign includes quality road safety education, road modifications, and safety equipment to students, and creating awareness in the public via billboard ads and other media, to deliver better outcomes for the community.

Mr. Dean Jones, Regional General Manager, Toll Global Logistics - South East Asia, said, “Toll is proud to be supporting the AIP Foundation in launching this new road safety program. As a leading provider of supply chain solutions in the Asia Pacific, Toll is committed to helping everyone get home safely. Our employees are passionate about safety and sharing knowledge and tools that will keep Thai children safe on their way to and from school safely. We are excited to launch the Hauling Safety program and to help protect Thai children on their way to and from school.”

Ms. Ratana Winther, Chairperson, AIP Foundation Thailand, described, “Each year, the World Health Organization estimates that over 22,000 people in Thailand lose their lives on the roads. Young children who are transported to and from school by their parents and guardians are at great risk of road crash injury and fatality due to low public knowledge of the consequences of high-risk road behaviors, such as speeding or distracted driving. These risk factors place young children at harm during their journeys to and from school. With the Hauling Safety program, we are working to encourage safer behaviors through education and awareness and look forward to building

partnerships with schools and the government to promote informed decisions for the safety of children and communities.”

About Hauling Safety

Hauling Safety, implemented by AIP Foundation with support from Toll Group, aims to increase public awareness of safe road behaviors and improve road safety education for children, teachers, parents, and community members in Thailand. The program leverages school-based road safety education, public awareness campaigns, and private sector volunteer engagement to engage target communities and promote safe road behaviors.

About Toll Group

With over 130 years’ experience, Toll Group, proudly part of Japan Post, operates an extensive global logistics network across 1200 locations in more than 50 countries. Our 44,000 employees provide a diverse range of transport and logistics solutions covering road, air, ocean and rail to help our customers meet their global supply chain needs.

About AIP Foundation

AIP Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing road injuries and fatalities in low- and middle-income countries. For 20 years, AIP Foundation has been delivering effective road safety programs in locations across Asia and Africa. To find out more, visit or connect with us on Twitter @AIPFoundation.

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