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When the United States Army needed to disarm and dispose of the unexploded remnants of war in a remote area of the Solomon Islands, Toll provided logistics support.

The Challenge

In 2006, the US Army Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Division faced the challenge of disarming and disposal of unstable World War II mustard gas shells located on Yandina Island in a remote area of the Solomon Islands.

The Solution

Project management for specialised personnel and movement of explosives is an area of expertise for our remote logistics team. And our experience in delivering logistics services in the Solomon Islands meant we were ideally placed to ensure the smooth coordination of this mission.

Our team provided advance planning, logistics support and liaison between the US Army and local authorities.

Using a combination of helicopter and vessels, we were able to reach the remote site and deploy Army personnel and 15 tonnes of equipment from the airfield to the site location.

The Results

With our personnel coordinating support from both Honiara and Yandina, the US Army was able to successfully complete the mission quickly and efficiently, leaving the area decontaminated and safe, ready to be used by the local community.

Services that Toll provides to Defence customers include:

  • Remote Logistics Services- we deliver integrated logistics solutions in some of the most isolated and challenging locations in the world.
  • Camp & Base Support- we provide complete garrison support solutions for bases in remote and regional locations.
  • Contingency & Emergency Response - we help establish emergency supply chains and manage the movement of aid and essential supplies in disaster and emergency situations. We also provide emergency and aeromedical evacuation (AME) services.
  • Movement Control - we manage the movement of peacekeeping personnel and equipment between locations worldwide.
  • Vessel Husbandry- from small vessels to aircraft carriers, we can support any defence vessel in any port in the world.
  • Airport Services- we’re able to provide stand-alone ground handling, cargo handling and passenger services in locations that lack facilities or infrastructure.
  • Helicopter Services- our services range from general passenger charters to specialised missions, aeromedical evacuations, night vision operations, search and rescue and airlift of equipment.
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