Toll makes light work of heavy haulage

When our customer needed to transport concrete bridge beams totalling more than 400 tonnes to construct a key piece on highway infrastructure, we drew on our heavy haulage expertise and specialised fleet to deliver.

The Challenge

In late 2014, construction began on the Sancrox Overpass; a key component of the $1.05 billion project to redevelop the Port Macquarie–Kempsey section of the Pacific Highway, which links Sydney and Brisbane along Australia’s east coast.

A series of seven concrete bridge girders were produced for the project in Coffs Harbour, each measuring 33 x 2 x 1.5 metres.

In addition to being oversized, each of the girders weighed 58 tonnes – delivering them to the construction site would require specialised heavy haulage equipment, a range of transport permits and a comprehensive transport management plan detailing all the project’s requirements so that each could be executed without incident and as efficiently as possible.

The Solution

Leveraging our extensive experience in the provision of heavy haulage services for infrastructure projects, Toll developed a transport solution for the delivery of the girders to the proposed bridge site.

First, a comprehensive assessment of the project’s compliance and safety requirements was conducted; the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) considerations – driver fatigue, traffic management and permit compliance – were outlined, and arrangements were made to address them. Drivers would having adequate rest breaks, the relevant authorities and work site staff were aware of the transport movements, and all vehicles complied with mass and dimension requirements.

Our dedicated in-house transport planners arranged the regulatory approval required to tow the oversized girders; working with the New South Wales government’s Roads and Maritime Services, we secured permits to allow the over-dimensional cargo to travel from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie via the Pacific Highway

Using two Volvo FH16 700 prime movers from the Toll fleet – each towing a 2-row-of-8 dolly and a 4-row-of-8 jinker with a combined capacity of 110 tonnes – the girders were transported one at a time, with each truck doing multiple trips to transport the girders more than 150 kilometres by road.

Two Toll pilot vehicles and a police escort were arranged by our project management teams to accompany each truck while in transit on route to the site. In addition to minimising interference from other traffic, the pilots and escort were able to scout ahead and guide the trucks around difficult corners along the planned route.

After a three hour trip the girders were met on site by a 300-tonne mobile crane, lifted from the trailer into position on the bridge, secured with temporary bracing.

The Results

Moving over-dimensional freight requires effective planning and organisation – our experienced project managers worked collaboratively with our customer to understand the project and developed a comprehensive transport management plan that mapped all requirements.

With our diverse fleet of specialised heavy haulage equipment and pilot vehicles, and trained operators with expertise in over-dimensional freight logistics, we successfully transported the seven concrete bridge girders – totalling 406 tonnes – from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie.

We were able to arrange the loading, transport and unloading of the oversized concrete structures for our customer, offering the convenience of a single point of contact and ensuring compliance and safety standards were upheld from pick up to point of delivery.

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