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In 2000, Toll Group entered the specialised warehousing market with key customer Nike.

The Challenge

Due to the tremendous growth experienced by Nike in the 1990s, Nike Australia recognised that in order to maintain their high service levels and to continue operating as effectively as possible, they needed to integrate all of their logistical functions.

The Solution

As the first customer of Toll’s specialised warehousing division, we worked to ensure that Nike’s requirements were met by streamlining and integrating their four existing distribution facilities into the one complete site.

The 18,000 square metre custom-built warehouse in Altona North implemented full RF receiving, put away, picking and dispatch functionality, and the ability to handle in excess of 24,000 SKUs.

The site was designed to be environmentally aware, with the utilisation of translucent roof sheeting, energy efficient lighting systems and roof insulation for temperature control.

With Toll now entering our thirteenth year of supply chain partnership, we continue to work closely with Nike's team, and have a renewed focus on the lean journey. Toll has implemented many improvements onsite to remove waste and optimise productivity, such as continuous remodelling of the warehouse layout as the business changes, incorporating other Nike brands such as Hurley into the supply chain, upgrading the warehouse management system, changing the picking systems and storage profiles, and re-engineering the receiving processes.

With all warehouse staff trained in lean thinking, and with several lean practitioners onsite, the team have embraced Nike’s lean philosophy and provided increased efficiencies and cost savings to Nike.

As part of Toll’s Smarter Green program, the Nike warehouse has also taken steps to reduce energy, including reducing use of cardboard, increasing the use of recyclable plastic pallets and supporting the Reuse A Shoe program.

The Result

Since the warehouse’s completion in August 2001, Toll has productively reduced Nike Australia’s cost per unit significantly, resulting from the creation of greater efficiencies and smarter operations, without compromising overall service levels.

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