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The Fine Art Asia fair is recognized amongst the international art world as Asia’s leading annual fine art fair that showcases the finest in Asian and international antiques and contemporary art. We collaborated with Fine Art Asia to ensure the safe delivery of the precious exhibiting pieces.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to supervise and transport various pieces of priceless and exquisite art for the 55 booths at the fair. The items included antiques, textiles, ceramics, furniture and jewellery that had been imported from around the world. Some of the archaic Chinese bronzes were over 5000 years old.

The Solution

Toll has dedicated over two decades to developing its expertise in the exhibition logistics, fine art and moving industry.

All of this expertise was applied to the Fine Art Asia fair, from the detailed planning undertaken for the move to the utmost care with which each piece was handled.

The Results

Professionally trained and experienced in handling all kinds of movable items, the Toll team successfully handled and transported 400m3 of fine art cargo to the fair. Thanks to our dedication and expertise the precious cargo arrived in excellent condition.

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