Unloading pallets from a Toll truck with a forklift

Our detailed data analysis and supply chain modelling delivers savings for an Australian office supplies company.

The Challenge

As part of a review of a logistics and supply chain operations, our customer - a large office supplies retailer with an Australian retail network and significant online presence - wanted to consolidate its distribution centres and simplify its supply chain. We were tasked with analysing the customer’s existing network to identify supply chain efficiencies that could be achieved, as well as detail how they would be implemented.

The Solution

Our specialist supply chain solutions team produced a comprehensive strategy that utilised data collection, operations modelling and analysis of the customer’s current freight task and distribution network.

By combining the customer’s ordering data analysis with our extensive fleet, road and operations modelling process, we were able to propose a distribution centre solution that consolidated the customer’s distribution network and simplified its supply chain.

The Result

Through a combination of the removal of inter-facility transfers and delivery route optimisation, we anticipated a 20 per cent savings on time travelled with a 13 per cent saving on distance travelled for deliveries.

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