By combining our specialised freight services with technological innovation and a strong focus on safety, we provided an integrated solution for 7-Eleven’s metropolitan fuel distribution.

The Challenge

7-Eleven Australia operates 600 stores in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT; servicing more than 170 million customers a year.

In order to manage the distribution of fuel to its service station locations in Victoria, 7-Eleven needed a dedicated fleet of tankers and prime movers with the ability to navigate their often small forecourts.

The customer required the fleet to be externally branded with promotional livery, allowing the vehicles to double as mobile billboards as they travelled around the state.

However, due to the dangerous nature of transporting fuel, the tankers and prime movers also needed to be fitted with the latest safety features.

And to improve operational efficiency, 7-Eleven also wanted the ability to track the progress of fuel deliveries and monitor driver activity in real-time.

The Solution

Toll designed and provided a custom-built fleet — including a B-double trailer, single and tandem axles — with brightly coloured 7-Eleven promotional branding on the outside.

Combining our expertise in fuel supply logistics with a strong focus on safety, we equipped each tanker with the latest active and passive safety systems.

In addition to electronic braking and roll stability support, each vehicle in the fleet was fitted with a variety of safety features; high visibility seatbelts to encourage use, park brake alarms to prevent rolling, and spotter mirrors to provide extra visibility when changing lanes and reversing.

The tankers and prime movers all have Video Event Recorders (VERs) installed – these are programmed to record video footage when abnormal movement is detected, such as hard braking or a collision.

The small 7-Eleven forecourts posed their own challenge; Toll provided tankers built on bogie axle trailers to ensure they could enter premises and deposit fuel safely. These are shorter than standard length ones, allowing the vehicles easier access to tight spaces.

The fleet’s prime movers were designed using a cab over style, which places the driver above the front axle in a vertically-faced cab – this allows for better visibility when accessing small or restricted areas.

Each vehicle has been fitted with a GPS system that locates, monitors and tracks shipments when in transit; a driver can be diverted to a new route, and speed can be monitored at all times.

Toll is also developing a tablet-based mobility solution to allow 7-Eleven to track shipments and deliveries in transit. The platform system has been designed to provide real-time visibility of fuel shipments by sending live updates of each tanker’s whereabouts to a central monitoring location.

The Results

By providing 7-Eleven with a customised fleet and developing an electronic mobile tracking solution, we were able to supply an integrated solution to support its Victorian service station locations.

Partnering with Toll on this project has resulted in a marked improvement for 7-Eleven’s retail fuel supply chain, particularly in relation to administrative and operational efficiencies.

The mobility solution being developed for this project has been designed to be able to accommodate the needs of our other fuel clients. As a trusted provider of bulk fuel logistics solutions, we hope to be able to introduce this newly developed technology to other businesses that could benefit from it.

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