Toll helicopter and Elvis firefighting helicopter

Whether it’s moving F-18 jets between countries or relocating fire-fighting helicopters over vast distances in order to fight bushfires, no challenge has been too great for our specialised remote logistics team.

The Challenge

When Defence and commercial organisations have needed to move payloads exceeding the capacity of commercially available aircraft, Toll has been able to help.

The Solution

Our team has the expertise and operational experience to manage all the logistics associated with heavy lift aircraft chartering. We work in conjunction with Polet Airlines, who provide Antonov charter aircraft capable of moving the largest payloads of any aircraft in the world. We provide experienced aircraft charter personnel to manage every aspect of the charter and ensure it goes to plan from first contact to final sign-off. Our services include ground handling and freight handling.

The Result

An example of the scale of aircraft charters we’ve overseen is the heavy lift air logistics services we provided to the Australian Defence Force when we used chartered Antonov AN124 aircraft to transport equipment from the Middle East to Australia during the Gulf conflict.

About Toll’s remote aviation services

We can create a remote aviation solution for you regardless of the scale or location of your aviation requirements. Our aviation services include:

  • Aircraft Charters - we provide fixed & rotary wing air charters services, including heavy lift aircraft charters.
  • Helicopter Services - our services range from general passenger charters to specialised missions, aeromedical evacuations, night vision operations, search and rescue and airlift of equipment.
  • Airport Services - we specialise in providing stand-alone ground handling, cargo handling and passenger services in locations that lack facilities or infrastructure.
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