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Toll provides event logistics to the 2012 Formula One Grand Prix in Shanghai, China.

The Challenge

The logistics of setting up a Grand Prix is one of the most challenging operations in the world of sports - timing and sensitive handling is paramount to the success of the event. As part of the third race in the 63rd Formula One Grand Prix, Toll was tasked with handling all the racing equipment for the China event in Shanghai.

The Solution

Expertise gained in exhibition logistics, fine art and the moving industry since 1987 has positioned Toll as a leading event logistics provider. Our staff carried out freight planning and management, risk assessment and management, and route planning to ensure the equipment including the cars, engines, tyres and spares, and other high tech equipment associated with the teams, would arrive safely at the Shanghai circuit.

The Results

With impeccable timing and working within the stringent security controls on the apron, Toll was able to transport the racing equipment from the airport, unloading the six Boeing-747 charter planes, to the Shanghai International Circuit with no delays.

Following the success of the event, Toll was tasked with handling other motor sports scheduled to take place at the Shanghai International Circuit throughout 2012.

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