Delivering refrigerated rail transport solutions that are not only cool, but green

Delivering refrigerated rail transport solutions that are not only cool, but green

Finding solutions that improve service delivery for our customers while reducing the impact of our environmental footprint is an important part of Toll’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Challenge

Provision of services to the consumer and beverage industry is a core competency for Toll. The movement of temperature controlled and perishable goods – often across vast distances – is just one of the specialised services we offer our customers from this sector.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we’re continuously looking for ways to deliver optimal logistics solutions for our food and beverage customers.

We’re also committed to reducing the impact of our environmental footprint. We see environmental sustainability as a core corporate responsibility – as the Asia Pacific region’s leading provider of logistics services, we’re determined to play our part responsibly.

However, developing transport solutions – especially when they involve refrigeration – that tick the boxes on both accounts can be challenging.

The Solution

Toll recently ticked both boxes when it invested in new state-of-the-art refrigerated units to be fitted to the containers it uses to transport cold, frozen and fresh food by rail.

The units combine leading transport refrigeration technology with optimal fuel efficiency and minimal carbon emissions. 

Our new refrigerated rail units feature:

  • leading transport refrigeration technology that maintains temperature-sensitive goods at precisely the required temperature
  • new ‘diesel direct electric’ architecture that delivers optimal fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions
  • embedded telematics to track and monitor units, allowing the location and security of the cargo to be closely monitored
  • remote control technology to control the units, minimising the risk of product loss or damage

Toll's  investment in these refrigerated rail units builds on the environmental initiatives that we engage in to help reduce our carbon footprint, including improved fleet and maintenance programs and the increased use of biodiesel.  Another key initiative is our driver education program – by training our drivers to better anticipate the driving task, keep within ideal engine rev ranges and minimise vehicle idling behaviour, braking and gear changes, we’re aiming to substantially impact vehicle fuel economy and vehicle emissions.

The Result

NQX General Manager Greg Smith explains the benefits that the new rail units will bring.

Each year a single refrigeration unit is expected to run and keep food cool and fresh for around 4000 hours. Across our 50 new units, that’s a total of 200,000 hours per annum. We’ve calculated that the reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions as a result of Toll using this new rail unit technology will be the equivalent of taking 227 cars off the road every year."

Anything we can do to improve our service delivery while helping the environment will always be a good investment for Toll, for our customers and for the communities that we work in.”

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