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We’re making some exciting changes to MyToll!

Toll’s new one-stop shipping solution has just gotten better! The new look MyToll comes to you with smarter and more powerful features. With improved navigation and greater visibility of your shipment transactions, we’re delivering you a better experience every day.

Simpler. Faster. More powerful.

Discover the new MyToll

    User profile & settings management

    Reduce repetitive data entry and increase transaction speed and efficiency by customising and saving frequently used information within user profile settings. 


    My Contacts

    • Add an alias or Receiver ID to a contact for quick address searching when creating shipments, returns and booking a pickup
    • Include multiple email addresses within a contact for advanced shipping notifications
    • Save billing information including Toll carrier, account numbers and preferred payer. This information will auto-populate when selecting sender or receiver.


    My Templates

    • Create templates at a carrier service level with the inclusion of templates for all freight items.
    • Add an alias or nickname when saving a template to enable quick selection.
    • Create a template to include billing details, carrier specific. 
    • Save dangerous goods information as a template for enabled carriers.
    • Upload and download up to 1,000 templates as an excel spreadsheet.


    My User Settings

    • For each carrier, you can set defaults for shipments, pickups and rate enquiries including default senders and receivers.
    • Configure default settings for services and who pays at the carrier level
    • For Toll Priority Global Parcel service, nominate default shipment entry and commercial invoice values for auto fill data fields when creating a global shipment.
    • Carrier dependent reference fields capture purchase order and shipment reference details.
    • Elect to receive an email notification upon manifest closure to one or more recipients.






    The MyToll dashboard has undergone a signification transformation focusing on improving and providing an intuitive, seamless user experience for common tasks. Enhancements include:

    • A communications panel on the dashboard to keep you informed
    • The inclusion of a footer site menu on every page allows for additional navigation assistance
    • Shipment summary tabs support the end-to-end visibility of shipping status and progress. Create shipments, obtain rates, book pickups from the dashboard.
    Shipments and Manifests

    Creating shipments on MyToll is quicker and easier than ever before.

    The default dashboard view displays all your created shipments, providing greater flexibility to search, sort and filter actions.  The manifests tab follows. Shipments are in list format and now display shipping number and number of shipping items. Similarly to the shipments tab, the manifests tabs allows you to search, sort and filter in addition to providing a quick link to book a pickup.

    • Introducing a new screen layout that steps you through the end to end process of creating a shipment through to book a pickup.
    • Progress bar highlights where you are.
    • Smart technology applies when changes occur within the page. Associated fields will automatically update.
    • Take advantage of previously saved user settings. Remember you can apply defaults for:
      • specific Toll carrier and service
      • sender and who pays
      • ASN notification to multiple email address
      • receiver groups
    • Quick search alias or Receiver ID input.
    • Select a receiver group when creating the same shipment for multiple receivers.
    • Assign a shipment to a manifest at the time of shipment creation.
    • Two print options:
      • Print & close, same as before with better control
      • Smart print triggers automatic multiple print actions (only if activated in settings)
    • Print special instruction labels.


    Have greater control of the shipment creation, printing and overall manifest process within the Manifest screen. Improved performance of multiple actions from one view, such as:

    • Add a manifest description
    • Sort shipments Download a manifest as a .csv file
    • See the print status of labels and shipments
    • Flow improvement to print from manifest with the option to directly book a pickup from the window



    MyToll’s configurable print settings make it possible for the users to configure printers for their shipment documents and automatic printing, making the printing process simpler.

    Print special instruction labels, including the shipment ID, item no and additional information, selecting the order of printing within general settings.

    Download and install the Advanced Print Client application to utilise additional print settings including:

    • setting different printers for particular document types
    • creating multiple print profiles for specific print settings
    • activating Smart printing for print automation and faster printing



    In alignment with Toll’s recent financial system upgrade, MyToll financial service offering includes:

    • Search invoices by invoice number and date range
    • Download shipping invoices
    Order stationery

    Express Parcels (IPEC and PRIORITY) users with full financial accounts, can now order Toll approved and recommended stationery conveniently online on MyToll.  Stationery items include:

    • Labels
    • Satchels
    • Stickers

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