Learn about MyToll

Learn about MyToll

MyToll is a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs. From delivering a parcel through to moving dangerous goods and bulk commodities, you can connect with all Toll’s services from one convenient location accessible anywhere, anytime.

With MyToll you can get a rate, create a shipment and book a pickup, track a shipment or a missed delivery, order stationery, view your invoice and so much more.  Discover how MyToll is your shipping solution. 




It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to get started on MyToll. 

MyToll registration
  1. Self-register online
  2. Create and configure your MyToll user profile adding your Toll carrier account and some details about yourself
  3. You’re all set to go
User profile & settings management

Customise your MyToll experience and maximise efficiencies by tailoring your MyToll profile. You can configure your contacts, notifications, user settings and templates to suit your requirements and working solutions.


My Accounts

Transact with all your Toll carriers on one platform.  MyToll provides three levels of account access based on your user profile and transaction requirements.


My Notification Preferences

Set up how and when you receive alerts about your shipments.


My Contacts

Store your address book, including sender and receiver, as well as shipping and delivery information in one location.  Add individual contacts, or import contact lists by direct upload from an excel file.


My Templates

Create templates for each Toll carrier and services so you can store frequently used data for quick shipment entry when creating transactions on MyToll.  Include billing information, item descriptions including dangerous goods and add an alias or nickname to enable quick selection.


My User Settings

Assign carrier defaults for all freight transactions across MyToll.  For each carrier, you can set defaults for shipments, pickups and rate enquiries including default senders and receivers. You can also configure default settings for services and who pays at the carrier level.


Printer Settings

MyToll supports both thermal and laser printers as a standalone or a network. You can configure and manage multiple print profiles, including carrier choice and printer location. You can also set the sequence of printing your various shipping documents including labels, manifest and consignment notes.


The MyToll dashboard provides a central location for you to create and monitor your shipping transactions - an organised and logical interface, with easy navigation and quick data entry tools. From the dashboard, you can create a shipment, get a rate enquiry, book a pickup, track your shipment and so much more.

Rate and Time enquiry

Get instant rates and transit time estimates to assist with scheduling and creating shipments on MyToll.   

Shipments and Manifests

Supported by a range of Toll carriers, create shipments on one universal online platform. With MyToll you can:

  • Create quick entry shipments
  • Bulk create large volumes of shipments in one action.

Quickly and efficiently use pre-populated information including item line details, delivery information and choice of Toll carrier. You can also save draft shipments to finalise at your convenience.                 

Using MyToll, you can create shipments which include:  

  • Dangerous goods items
  • International destinations
  • Special instructions or requests, such as authority to leave or request Saturday delivery
  • Toll Extra service
  • Satchels

MyToll enables you to view and manage your shipments, including searching, sorting, consolidating and printing conveniently from one central location.  Additionally, MyToll can automatically assign shipments within a manifest for finalising, or you have the option to manifest manually, naming and moving shipments at your discretion.


Toll Priority and Toll IPEC customers can view, search and track returns, download a list of returned shipments and save frequently used return details as templates.


Print all your shipping documents such as labels, consignment notes, manifest lists and commercial invoices quickly and conveniently directly from MyToll. 

You can print individual labels or 4 up to a page dependent on your choice of printer.  Printers supported include laser and thermal. MyToll uses a universal label for all carriers.

Book a pickup

Book a pickup online to have your shipment collected at an agreed time.  With MyToll you can fast track your booking, using already saved templates or booking a pick up from the manifest. Share delivery information through notifications by SMS and email, with up to 5 people.  

MyToll caters for all customers who:                          

  • Ship dangerous or refrigerated goods. 
  • Use manual connotes or pre-printed labels. 
  • Send shipments to various destinations.
  • Charge shipments to third parties.
  • Pickup from an international destination.
Track your shipment

MyToll provides you with the convenience of real-time visibility of a shipment’s status.Track multiple shipments at a time on any device. MyToll’s advanced search capability supports customised search criteria with the ability to save frequently used search options and phrases for repeated use. MyToll provides you with the convenience of managing your deliveries. MyToll’s self-serve options include to self-collect your delivery from a Toll Depot or a Toll Collection Point at your preferred time or to have your shipment re-delivered to an alternative address or to the same address on a different date.


View, search and download shipping invoices on MyToll, and create and print commercial invoices for all international transactions

Order stationery

Available to Express Parcels (IPEC and PRIORITY) account holders, order Toll approved and recommended stationery conveniently online on MyToll.  Available stationery items include:

  • Labels
  • Satchels
  • Stickers

MyToll supports a standard universal 6x4” label.  If you purchase labels from an alternate supplier, ensure the labels are bright white in colour, matte and not transparent.

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